Forge Ahead With Coinbase Clone Script Development And Gain Profits
Forge Ahead With Coinbase Clone Script Development And Gain Profits
Develop & Deploy A Revenue-Generating Coinbase Clone Script

With the soaring number of cryptocurrencies and rising buzz in recent years, the crypto exchange plays a vital role in the virtual world. Eventually, this brings wider opportunities for the owners of the crypto trading platform to gain hefty profits on the go. 


Coinbase Clone Script is a prefabricated solution housing salient features, defining the typical capability of a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase. Through this, cryptopenuers could easily plunge into the crypto market within the shortest possible time.


Diversified Revenue Streams Of A Coinbase Clone Script


As already mentioned, there is quite a wider opportunity for the crypto trading platform owners to gain hefty profits; here are the general revenue streams of cryptocurrency exchange. These could be taken into consideration during Coinbase Clone Script development.


  • Trading Commission Fees

For the smooth transaction to take place, the users need to pay a certain percentage of commission fees. There will be a varying percentage in accordance with the different crypto trading platforms. In general, 1% to 3% of commission fees could be levied. For instance, Coinbase charges 2.99%.

  • Listing Charges

The charges are to be incurred when the platform users list their cryptocurrencies. Like commission fees, this varyingly depends on the platform. Based on the trading volume, the popularity of the platform would be determined. Typically, the average cryptocurrency exchange would charge 10-50 BTC per listing. 

  • Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

In the case of providing the support of crypto-to-crypto trading and fiat-to-crypto trading, you could charge fees for conversion. Most of the platforms incur 0.01% as their conversion rates as a deposit and withdrawal fee.

  • Staking Fees

Staking has become the most prominent mechanism to be carried out in crypto trading platforms like Coinbase. This mechanism involves locking funds and getting interested in return. The interests would be nearly around the range of 1% - 10%. Thereby, the platform owner could incur staking fees and have considerable revenue.

Ending Notes

Undoubtedly, starting a crypto business by launching a Coinbase Clone Script would be a top-notch investment idea to consider. If you are intend in doing so, connect with the crypto exchange company and get the platform deployed in the quickest possible time.