White label paxful clone script | paxful clone software
White label paxful clone script | paxful clone software
Paxful clone is the leading p2p bitcoin exchange marketplace focusing highly on a decentralized trade. Paxful Clone script facilitates higher-order security to the transactions with the built-in escrow system. The paxful exchange clone script is also known for its exclusive feature -multiple payment options for its users to trade with anyone easily without any payment hurdles.

White label paxful clone script | paxful clone software

Paxful clone software

Cryptocurrencies will soon turn out as the day to day currency as few countries are trying to make it legal. Entrepreneurs are trying to get into crypto with a p2p Exchange Platform like Paxful. At the same time, beginners without any financial or knowledge about cryptos are in search of a safe and secured platform for cryptocurrency exchange.

What is Paxful Clone Script?

Bitcoin exchange platform like Paxful is the reputed ads-based crypto exchange platform in the market which specially comes with more than 300 payment methods. A crypto exchange website like Paxful allows users to buy and sell crypto assets by posting advertisements on the platform. Paxful clone software has its own crypto trading mobile application for the user and their app is compatible with both Android and IOS.

A White label paxful clone script is the replica of paxful exchange which consists of all the advanced features, plug-ins and benefits of paxful. The clone helps you to launch a function-rich p2p crypto trading platform similar to paxful in no time with required customizations as per your business necessities.

Benefits of Paxful clone:

  • High Speed transactions

  • High Security

  • Integrated Escrow Services

  • No Need of technical Knowledge

  • Scalability

  • ROI features

  • Advanced Technology

  • Seamless Processing

  • Anti-scam Facilitation

Security Features of paxful clone software:

  • 2-Factor Authentication

  • KYC/AML Verification

  • Wallet Encryption

  • Data Encryption

  • Jail login

  • HTTPS Authentication

  • Anti-DDos Security

  • CSRF Protection

  • Multi-signature Authentication

  • Offline Transactions management

  • Secure File Transfer protocol

  • Anti-phishing Software

  • Escrow Shield protection

  • Prevention SQL injection

How does the Paxful Clone App Work?

Step 1: The first step is to register and submit the KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation in the platform. Sometimes it may not be mandatory, but it’s always better to submit the user verification documentation to configure in the admin panel.

Step 2: Once the account is registered, it enables you to buy, sell and trade the bitcoins. The users can look over the sell requests to buy at a desired price. If the request does not match their needs, then they can post a buy request.

Step 3: Once the buyer initiates the trade, the cryptos are transferred to the escrow wallet. As soon as the seller acknowledges the payment and confirms the status on the mobile app, the cryptocurrency will be moved from the seller’s wallet to the buyer’s wallet.

Many crypto exchange website like Paxful providers are present in the marketplace, but finding a reliable crypto exchange software with the above mentioned features is not provided by every clone script developer. Only small number can provide these best White label paxful clone script services, one among them and the best in industry is Shamla tech. Being a professional and reputed p2p Exchange Platform Like Paxful Development Company with an solid team who have completed 100+ projects with a Bug-free, 100% customizable and secured Software offered to the clients on the time with an affordable price. If you’re looking for a Paxful Clone App development company talk to our amazing team and also get a free demo.