Flutter is Setting the Trend in Mobile App Development
Flutter is Setting the Trend in Mobile App Development
Flutter is an open-source mobile SDK that allows developers to create native-looking Android and iOS apps from the same code base. Flutter has been around since 2015, when Google introduced it, and it remained in beta until its official release in December 2018. Since then, the buzz surrounding Flutter has grown.
According to GitHub stars, Flutter is now one of the top 11 software repositories. Furthermore, thousands of Flutter apps have already been published on app stores.

Reasons Why Flutter is Setting the Trend in Mobile App Development


The abundance of cross-platforms has given the app developers quite a turmoil there; which cross-platform to choose? Which is the best cross-platform to work in? And which cross-platform is faster and more reliable? – these questions are constantly arising in most of the app developers' frames of reference. But not to worry, we have got you covered.

Having perceived the mounting trend in Flutter, perhaps it’s your best choice. Not to mention Google flutter vs native is growing more rapidly than any other cross-platforms. So, taking this scope of the situation in 2021, make sure to choose this cross-platform and be the app developer of the most trending cross-platform: Flutter.

This written piece aims to disclose the reasons behind Flutter's looming in the mobile app development trend in 2021.

Let’s keep the ball rolling!

Why Flutter App Development?

Because Flutter has proven its high remarks in app development, various development teams, individual Flutter developers, startups, and small businesses have redefined their ways exceptionally by working around Flutter. And they are developing native apps across not only mobile but also desktop and web in a single codebase ensured by Flutter.

According to Statista, Flutter is an ideal choice for developing cross-platform apps and has a market share of 42% - which is quite phenomenal for a cross-platform to attain such a victory over alternatives. However, Flutter is not that old as it was introduced in May 2017.

On the bright side, it has shown marvelous results over such a short time.

How Is Flutter App Development Becoming More Popular?

It's not only an open-source platform but also developed by the famous tech giant Google. Most of its popularity is because of this argument that Google owns it. Additionally, its vast community kickstarts beginners to learn Flutter from the group level up and instantly get community help if any error shows up. Finally, Flutter works around the Dart programming language, which already has pluses at an extensive amount.

What's even more exciting about Flutter is that it ensures a single codebase for Flutter developers that admittedly run seamlessly on both platforms – Android and iOS, which, by the way, to an enormous extent, cuts development cost and time. Moreover, its hot reload feature truly stands Flutter out from its alternatives and enables developers to see the applied changes instantly – which is pretty cool, by the way.

7 Reasons Why Flutter is Setting the Trend in Mobile App company

Rapid Development

Rapid Development is one of the primary reasons behind Flutter's popularity. Flutter truly marks its success with the hot reload feature. With this feature, developers can see the immediate changes made in the app. Hence, making the development process easy and fast. Unlike other cross-platforms, Flutter not only ensures more rapid development but also supports widget-based UI design. I'm pretty sure it's unlikely for other cross-platforms. Above all, Flutter has been gaining enormous encouraging remarks from well-profiled companies mainly due to the widget, and hot reload feature.

Instant support from Google

As mentioned earlier, Flutter is famous mainly due to the apparent reason that Google developed it. And surprisingly, most developers are highly inclined to Google products. But why? Well, as a matter-of-fact Google product gets constant updates with new added features and support. Likewise, Flutter gets readymade SDKs of innumerable Google products such as the well-known BaaS (Backend-as-a-service) Firebase.

Single Codebase

Flutter offers a single code base solution, making the app development process cost-effective and time-saving—an easy and lucrative aspect for Flutter developers, one-time coding, and multiple deployments. Not to mention this share out of Flutter is the sole gaming-changing factor to its wide popularity. So why choose native platforms when you have such a phenomenal hybrid platform for app development.


Flutter uses the same code base for both platforms. Thus, reducing the cost and time of development by a large proportion. Besides, many companies use Flutter to reduce their cost and assign budgets efficiently. This is why Flutter has the highest remarks over any other cross-platform.


We may have built apps using a single code base, but do they pass the performance test? Apparently, they do.

Many developers consider Flutter-developed apps, like Halloween Apps have the matchless performance of all. Moreover, flutter-built apps work remarkably on both platforms. Similarly, David Dermer – a Flutter expert, considers it one of the sole cross-platform frameworks that tie the performance of native platform-developed apps.

Ready-To-Use Packages

With the help of readymade packages, a single developer built an Instagram photo editing app named PostMuse in a short period using Flutter. Besides, many developers have shifted from Kotlin to Flutter to escape from long compiling times, and slow reloads. Flutter offers many third-party readymade packages or widgets in Dart Pub (a package manager for the dart language that includes reusable libraries and packages for Flutter). Likewise, you can use readymade widgets in your Flutter development to quicken the process. These readily packages offer easy integration to Flutter and can be customized to your needs. This is why most app developers use Flutter for the easy and fast approaches it provides.


As for its Security, Flutter uses Dart language and compiles its apps into native code. That is the reason behind Flutter ensures high performance, unlike other cross-platforms. Also, it offers the best security compared to other cross-platform toolkits, as it compiles its code into native code quickly. Moreover, think of Google in this regard, how secure google is. And it goes the same way for Flutter, too, since it's a Google creation. Not to mention, in the matter of Flutter, Google and Flutter developers took this matter under control.

In A Nutshell

Flutter app development provides limitless possibilities in the app development process in 2021. Undoubtedly, choosing Flutter for app development can be highly beneficial to your startup and business. More importantly, the proficiency of Flutter is not only admitted by me but also verified by a few of the prominent market companies. Moreover, Flutter ensures seamless UI and UX for both platforms with faster performance. It can also be a feasible choice for creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for your startups. Plus, the quick launch of your mobile app.

To sum up, Flutter got them all, every bit of the requirements you need to build your cross-platform mobile app. So, it’s time to be a proud Flutter developer.

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