Professional Rental Property Management in Bangalore
Professional Rental Property Management in Bangalore
'We are passionate about what we do, supplying property management services for both apartments and villas within Bangalore

Professional Rental Property Management in Bangalore

Property rental management services are used for routine monitoring of the tasks related to the residential, commercial, or industrial property rights by third parties. In general, property managers are responsible for the daily repair and ongoing maintenance, security, and upkeep of real estate properties. 


They usually work on behalf of the property owners or investment properties such as homes, apartments, condominium complexes, shopping centers, industrial parks, etc. These property managers are given certain routine maintenance tasks by their owners so that the value of the property remains intact and provides them income with this. If anyone requires such services, then you have to contact the Rental Property Management in Bangalore. Key points about the rental property management: 

  • Property management is the maintenance of the real estate property by a 3rd party.

  • The real estate owners pay some amount as fee from the income through the rent generated by the property.

  • Each state has its own laws for regulating the property management. 

  • Property managers do the routine maintenance of the real estate starting from screening of the tenants to repair & remodelling work. 

Why Choose SANGAU? 

SANGAU is a top Bangalore Rental Property Management organization providing top-notch service to property owners and tenants. Here, it provides property management services for the property owners for their apartment/villa with or without charges involving BASIC & PREMIUM Plans. 


For rented property, the organization will signal the renting settlement with the tenant directly. Complete transparency is maintained in communication and financial transactions between tenants and owners. The security deposit is deposited by the tenant to ensure timely payment of rent. 

  • Providing ready-to-move in house services tailored to the customer needs whether it is furnished or non-furnished.

  •  The company doesn’t charge brokerage. 

  • There is no hidden charge associated with the tenancy fee.

  • Documentation without any charge 

  • Do the renting agreement with the tenant 

  • Knowledge of local laws and market 

  • Sharing of tenant information for finding of the approval 

  • The rental property management firm can pay the rent and security deposit immediately to the owner.

  • Our property management company has a team of assistants to help clients manage their properties for free.

As an experienced Rental Property Management in Bangalore, the organization deals with hundreds of satisfied clients in the form of owners and tenants. Our solid plans and systems, as well as our experienced team, help us provide high quality, personalized service that sets us apart from our competitors.