Various types of company formation in Dubai
Various types of company formation in Dubai
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Various types of company formation in Dubai


Dubai is a major metropolis in the Middle East with lots of prospects for foreign investors to launch various enterprises. This city has enhanced its chances to make sure it keeps expanding. In addition, the Middle East is one of the world’s major oil exporters. In Dubai, no one or nothing is subject to any taxes, directly or indirectly. Due to all of these benefits, more individuals are considering company formation in Dubai. Index Office Services provides expert consulting services that are tailored to the needs of business owners, investors, and organisations seeking to enter, establish, or grow in the UAE area.

Company Formation Steps in Dubai

In order to register a business, get permissions, and start operations in the UAE, the first stage in the process of company formation in Dubai is to find a local partner or sponsor from the country.

The UAE offers a broad variety of business settings and models to accommodate different types of organisations. Index Office Services offers business owners the advice and direction they need to choose the appropriate corporate strategy for their requirements.

Any business in the UAE must hold the necessary permits and registrations.

Select business activity and jurisdiction

Before starting your business endeavour in Dubai, UAE, you should do extensive study about the viability and profitability of your company’s activities in the UAE market. After deciding on your company’s activity, you should select a jurisdiction based on the needs or requirements of your firm. The three economic zones that make up the UAE are the Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore. Every jurisdiction has a unique set of rules and laws that apply to commerce.

Legal Structures of the Company

A number of business formats are available in the UAE. One must first comprehend the key distinctions between these structural models and kinds in the UAE in order to make the greatest choice based on ownership wants, requirements, and conditions. You may get help from Index Office Services with this process, as well as help you choose the finest business structure for your Company Formation in Dubai.

The most frequent organisational forms include Limited Liability Company (WLL), Branch Office, Commercial Agencies, Representative Trade Office, General Partnership Company, Limited Share Partnership Company, Holding Company, Public ShareHolding Company, and Joint Venture.

Apply for trade license and register your business

Once your business name and activity have been approved by the Department of Economic Development (DED), you may apply for a trade licence and start the company registration process in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. You can get one of these four licences if you wish to start a business on the mainland of the UAE: a commercial licence, a professional licence, an industrial licence, or a tourism licence.

Get approval from DED and rent an office

It is necessary to get an Initial Approval Certificate from DED. This certification proves that your firm has the legal right to carry out a certain business activity or sell a specific item. The option to hire a private office or a shared workstation is then yours. This will also affect how many visas you are eligible to apply for at DED.


Every move a company takes should be assessed, and we provide businesses our specialised advisory services and full support for the duration of their professional careers. Our qualified experts can help you improve the effectiveness and success of your business strategy. Our business creation services are targeted to the needs and goals of local residents as well as foreigners from a number of different countries. We will help you build a business in Dubai since we have a thorough grasp of the UAE market.