Paxful clone script - Create a P2P crypto exchange like Paxful
Paxful clone script - Create a P2P crypto exchange like Paxful
Paxful clone script is a pre-tested p2p crypto exchange software that works 100% similarly to the paxful exchange.

The trade volume of cryptocurrency has risen by 96 billion. There are also 550 cryptocurrency exchanges available to global traders, and more than 70 million wallet users blockchain wallets globally. Among these, P2P crypto exchange has been highly preferred by many users.

Why does P2P Exchange matter?


P2P exchange software is quite an alternative to centralized exchanges. In this, users can trade directly without third-party access. There are several p2p exchange platforms in the market. Among them, the most prominent and powerful p2p exchange business model is Paxful. 

Paxful exchange is the most popular escrow-powered p2p crypto exchange platform. It has 350 plus payment options for users to buy and sell coins. Paxful has extraordinary trading features, which are highly convenient and secure for its user. So build an exchange like Paxful, since it is far better than others. 

It can be developed in two ways, start a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch or else use a paxful clone script. I recommend you go for the paxful clone script,which is affordable and takes less time consumption.

I know you are getting confused with the paxful exchange platform and Paxful clone software. Let’s see, what actually a Paxful clone script is.

What is a paxful clone script?

Paxful clone script is a pre-tested p2p crypto exchange software that works 100% similarly to the paxful exchange. It is loaded with astounding trading features that can be adapted based on your business preference which provides several benefits to your platform users. This clone script is also completely encrypted with high-security systems to safeguard the exchange from fraudulent activities. 

It has a crystal-clear design that assists traders in doing mobile trading. You can add more features and functionalities in this paxful clone software according to your business requirements, but you should also know how exactly it works.

How does the paxful clone script work?

In this pre-fabricated Paxful clone script, users have excellent features to buy and sell coins efficiently, let’s see the workflow of the paxful clone software step by step:

In Paxful clone software, First, it asks for registration, to secure the upcoming transaction process of the user.

  • Once the user completes the registration, it takes them to KYC verification of whether the particular person is accessing his/her account.

  •  Paxful clone software supports the escrow system which is used to trade securely.

  •  If the user-facing any issues during the transaction process, the admin can reach the user to resolve the particular issue at any time. 

This is the workflow of the Paxful clone software, But there are also many clone scripts in the market as well, But why should a startup prefer a Paxful clone script?

Why should prefer a Paxful clone software?

Paxful clone software has a high demand rate among clone script Buyers. Because many crypto traders expect an exchange like the Paxful exchange platform to trade fastly and securely. 

The Paxful clone software allows you to earn huge revenues by deducting transaction fees. And you can earn advertising by charging users for each ad.

It has a specific feature of an escrow security system so that users can transact the coins securely without any hesitation.

Paxful clone script is one of the well-known clone scripts in the market. So by using this paxful clone software, you will be familiar with the audience.

The Paxful clone app also supports mobile devices for easy access from anywhere in the world. This often avoids problems with user-side replication scripts.

Paxful clone software has various features for its user to use the exchange comfortably, let see 


Exemplary Features of Paxful clone script:

The Paxful clone software has extraordinary features, let’s see its features,

  1. Secured Escrow system                                          

  2. Multi-payment acceptance                               

  3. Create Buy /sell Advertisement 

  4. Real-time statistics

  5. Membership levels

  6. Classic user dashboard 

  7. Powerful Admin Dashboard

  8. KYC/AML 

  9. Reviews and Rating 

  10. Fiat Wallet Integration

  11. Affiliate dashboard

  12. Vendor dashboard

  13. Trusted and Blocked users                                            

  14. Withdrawal limits 

  15. User Messaging system

  16. Support system

  17. Admin profits 

Astounding Security Features of Paxful clone script:

The Paxful clone software also has various security features for your exchange, let’s see its security features.                                                

  1. Two-factor Authentication

  2. Escrow Protection 

  3. Jail login Guard

  4. SSL integration 

  5. End to End encrypted transaction 

  6. HTTPS Authentication

  7. Browser Detection Security

  8. DDOS migration 

  9. CSRF protection

  10. Data Encryption 

Now, you may have been inspired by the Paxful clone script and its features. Let's see the cost of the Paxful clone software.

Cost to create a cryptocurrency exchange using a Paxful clone script:

To start a cryptocurrency exchange like paxful varies by the development process. It can be created by Scratch or Clone script.

Launching a p2p crypto exchange software from scratch is expensive. You should hire developers accordingly, and It also takes a long time to deploy the exchange. Its minimum cost starts from $50,000 to $100,000.

Building a p2p exchange software like paxful using the paxful clone script is affordable and it can be implemented within 7 days since it is ready-made software. Compared with Scratch, the clone script will be the best choice for you.

The cost of the paxful clone script ranges from $8,000 to $14000 approx. In the Paxful clone software, you can add additional features according to your business needs. The maintenance of this Paxful clone software is easy and it is user-friendly. It is a one-time investment process. So it is worth buying a Paxful clone script for your businesses. 


Among all the clone scripts, the Paxful clone script is familiar to all crypto startups. So try to Build a p2p exchange like Paxful by choosing an expert clone script provider. 


In this modern era, there are many scripts in the name of paxful clone script but not everyone provides a quality product. You need to do research while choosing the paxful clone script that met your criteria. So, choose the right clone script provider to create a cryptocurrency exchange for your astonishing future.