Merits of USA certificate legalization in Canada
Merits of USA certificate legalization in Canada
We specialize Embassy legalization process of certificates through our dedicated certificate attestation for USA From Canada

Merits of USA certificate legalization in Canada


You must get a document validated if you wish to use it in Canada that was issued in the United States. Any document or certificate issued in the United States must first be certified before the Canadian government would accept it. The authenticity and legality of the certificate are confirmed by the USA certificate legalization in Canada. It demonstrates that the certificate holder is who they claim to be. If you wish to migrate to Canada or seek a job, visa, or to study here, you must have your US birth certificate, marriage certificate, and degrees "attested," or "legalised." People from other nations must also have their diplomas and certificates attested in Canada.

Any document issued in the United States, including personal documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, and death certificates), educational credentials, commercial or business documents, must be verified before being utilized in any official agency in Canada.


Procedure of Documents Attestation from USA

Prior to being confirmed by Canada, a certificate issued in the United States must first receive attestation from that country. Having the certificate certified by the Secretary of State of the same state as the certificate was issued is the first step in USA certificate legalization in Canada

Apostille certificates are granted in nations that have ratified the Hague Convention. It indicates that a public authority issued the seals and signatures on official papers.

After your certificates have been authorised by the Secretary of State in the state where they were issued, the next step is to have them verified by the US Department of State's Authentications Office. At this stage, your document will receive an apostille. The usage of diverse papers is required at this stage. For instance, all documents are translated from any foreign language into English. According to the Authentication Service's request, you can use the walk-in service to certify your birth or marriage certificate the same day if you are currently in the country.

The Canadian government must confirm your USA certificate legalization before it can be used in Canada.

The Embassy will affix its official seal of certification to your US papers. The US Ministry of Foreign Affairs must now attester your USA certificate as the only thing left to do. You will be able to utilise your US documents and credentials in Canada anytime you need them after completing this step. In the US, all documents are attested using essentially the same procedures. However, in very rare situations, further measures must be taken. Our attestation specialists will go through this with you before the process begins and may have an effect on the price and speed of the attestation procedure.

Documents required.

Original certificate plus a copy of your passport are  USA certificate legalization in Canada required documents for attestation in the United States.



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Before being recognised in Canada, all certifications issued in the US must first undergo US attestation. 

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