Localbitcoins clone script - An ideal way to start your p2p crypto exchange
Localbitcoins clone script - An ideal way to start your p2p crypto exchange
LocalBitcoins clone software makes the development process easier. so developing an exchange using the LocalBitcoins clone script will attract a larger crypto audience within a short period.

In the past few years, a huge demand for cryptocurrency has turned many entrepreneurs into the crypto exchange business.


Crypto exchanges are a platform that has all the features for trading ( buying and selling) crypto coins and tokens. Crypto exchange is usually of two types centralized and decentralized. Here we see an exchange of p2p which is a decentralized exchange.


Nowadays, people prefer to trade directly without third-party access this process is known as p2p cryptocurrency exchange, among this one of the supreme exchanges is LocalBitcoins.

Localbitcoins is a popular P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform built in 2012. No involvement of third-party access has encouraged its exponential growth. LocalBitcoins allows users to exchange their local currency into bitcoins. In this, users tend to post an advertisement to exchange their currency. 


Localbitcoins is a well-known platform for every trader/user. In this platform, the transactions are secured with the escrow system. According to the survey, LocalBitcoins exchange features are 85% user-friendly compared with the other p2p exchange platforms.

LocalBitcoins has a huge revenue rise due to its one million active users on this platform.


So creating an exchange like LocalBitcoins will lead to highly trustable & profits. You can create a p2p crypto exchange by using the most effective solution called LocalBitcoins clone script.


What is the Localbitcoins clone script?


Localbitcoins clone script is a pre-fabricated software that comes with all the features of the LocalBitcoins exchange. It is a peer-to-peer clone script with 100% customized. In this clone script, your users can post ads for trading and display payment rates. 


The Crystal Clear UI/UX in localbitcoin clone script can assist traders in doing mobile trading. Unlimited coin pairs and support for additional cryptocurrencies might raise your exchange's 24-hour transaction volume. To add more features and functionalities, customization is available. To implement this effective clone script, You must know how exactly it works. Let's see how it works. 


How does the Localbitcoins clone script work? 


Localbitcoins clone script connects the buyers and sellers who are very close to each other, by using its user’s locations. It has a fast transaction process with high-security features. Let’s see the workflow of the localbitcoins clone script step by step:

LocalBitcoins clone script asks to register personal information to access the platform features.

  • Once user registered their details, It takes them to the next module of KYC verification to secure their upcoming trading account in a highly secured manner.
  • Once users completed KYC verification, they can proceed with trading by posting their ads.
  •  Its quick transaction process enables buyers and sellers to order matches. 
  •  Localbitcoins clone script supports the escrow system which is used for trading securely.
  •  If the user-facing any issues during the transaction process, the admin can reach the user to resolve the particular issue at any time. 

These are the ways the localbitcoins clone script works, But there are also many clone scripts in the market as well, but why a startup should prefer an exchange like the localbitcoin clone script? let’s see.


Why startup should prefer a Localbitcoins clone script?


LocalBitcoins clone script has a high demand rate among crypto exchange clone scripts. As a startup, you can prefer this familiar script for Your business. You can gain high liquidity by using this clone script.


It is highly customizable at an affordable cost. Apart from the existing features, you can also add extra features as per your business requirements.


This ready-made LocalBitcoins clone script software makes the development process easier. so developing an exchange using the LocalBitcoins clone script will attract a larger crypto audience within a short period. 


This LocalBitcoins clone app is 100% error-free since it is developed and tested by experienced blockchain developers. All essential features are integrated into LocalBitcoins clone software.


It has a specific feature of an escrow security system, so users can transact the coins securely without any hesitation.


Users can use any payment method they like with the Localbitcoins clone software. In LocalBitcoins, a few of the payment options are:


  • Bank transfers

  • Money wires

  • Payment apps, such as Zelle and PayPal


It is specialized for both beginners level and experienced traders, and it has all the features in a simple and familiar language. 


Localbitcoins clone script has also various features for its user to use the exchange comfortably, let's see some of them.


Features of Localbitcoins Clone Script: 

  1. Quick buy/sell

  2. Escrow system

  3. Best-in-class security

  4. Multi crypto wallets 

  5. Eliminate Anonymity

  6. Multi-Language Support

  7. Liquidity API

  8. KYC/AML

  9. In-built Chat Box

  10. Affiliate system 

  11. API Documentation 

  12. Security Bounties

  13. Liquidity API Integration


 Security features of Localbitcoins clone:

  • Mail-based verification.

  • QR accessibility.

  • 2FA Validation.

  • Seed phrased access.

  • Time-limited access.

  • Encrypted Withdrawal.

Apart from the features and benefits of the LocalBitcoins clone script, you must also know the cost to create an exchange using this clone script,

Cost to create a cryptocurrency exchange using a Localbitcoins clone script 

The cost of the LocalBitcoins clone software is based upon the service provider you chose to start it. It may also differ for the additional features you are enabling in it. The cost for the LocalBitcoins clone script can be planned by :



  •    Maintenance 


  •    Server


  •    Additional features that you want to integrate.


If you want your exchange to be with any-time customer support, a bug-free platform, and also for a smooth transaction you would be paying a package of some specific USD. For instance, if your exchange faces any issues, all the user data will securely be back-up.



The cost of server maintenance depends upon whether you leasing or owning a server. Apart from the server cost, you should consider the data server quality to ensure you are getting a good performance. For this, you are most likely to look for a cost-effective IT solution that fits your budget.


Additional features that you want to integrate:

If you are planning to add features to the existing exchange, then you would pay extra charges for the number of features you are adding it. The cost varies according to the time you want the features to be integrated.


The approximate price to build a crypto exchange like localbitcoins using clone script will range from  $8000 - $14,000. Further charges may take place for additional features.


Where to get the localbitcoins clone script?


According to a survey, 90% of traders prefer a p2p exchange for trading cryptocurrencies, so developing a p2p exchange like localbitcoins is the right choice. That is why many startups kickstarted their business by using a LocalBitcoins clone script. So to develop an exchange like the LocalBitcoins platform, you need to find the best LocalBitcoins clone script provider.


They can help you to build a robust p2p crypto trading platform by using the LocalBitcoins clone script. It can be developed within a week with the expert service provider team. So build a cryptocurrency exchange platform like LocalBitcoins with one of the award-winning service providers who have had a personal touch in this field for more than 7 plus years.