corda baas vendors and also about corda consortium Currently, there are only a handful of providers that provide Corda Blockchain.Let's see what they are:


Corda Baas Vendors:

Currently, there are only a handful of providers that provide Corda Blockchain. Let's see what they are:

AWS Blockchain Templates

Amazon is one of those few providers that offer the Corda blockchain development platform. They offer network templates that will allow you to develop blockchain-based projects in a short period of time. With AWS blockchain templates, you set up Corda networks in minutes.


It offers a really faster deployment time..

AWS will provide all the tools you would need to add features and change the Corda blockchain for your business.

You will only pay for Corda services; There are no additional hidden costs.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is one of the popular BAAS providers for enterprise use cases, and now they are also bringing the Cordapp development platform. In your Azure workbench, you will be able to develop the network before deploying it. It is very easy and obviously you will get the best degree of services to train them.


Additional SMS and voice features help locate supply chain products quite easily.

Offer integration with the internet of things.

Network deployment in a short period of time.

Profitable blockchain solutions from Corda and additionally managed.


Leading the way of business consulting company, Accenture also offers Corda blockchain solutions for you. You will be able to get the solution from their list of products. Currently, they only offer a simple version of Corda.

Also, we believe that you can adjust the platform and get management support from them.

They'll discuss popular strategies for financial sectors and help you decide which features of Corda would be a great way to get started.

Accenture would tell you how to use the Corda blockchain platform and target audiences.

If you don't know anything about blockchain, they will offer you training.

They will offer a set of tools to tune your Corda platform.


Hewlett Packard is a relatively new BAAS on the market. They are launching their mission critical DLT and will offer special services for their clients. To make sure that all users get their fair share of security, performance, and flexibility that they are launching with Corda.

You could get different solutions from Corda development and you can modify them from their platform. As it is relatively new, we currently don't have much information about what features they will offer.

R3 Corda Consortium:


Voltron is a wonderful addition to the consortium family powered by R3's Corda blockchain and CryptoBLK technology. Microsoft Azure will be the main technology supporter for this wonderful project. Also, Azure is a cloud platform for blockchain development. Voltron is a project where popular banks come together to create a platform that will help them digitize all the official documentation that a bank needs to work with.

Today, the banks are falling behind and also want to participate in the new revolution. Corda blockchain is perfect for that environment.

With the help of Voltron, all R3 corda blockchain banks can reduce the processing time to a great extent. These twelve banks that have joined are: