launch your coinbase like exchange
launch your coinbase like exchange
to start a cryptocurrency trading platform like coinbase you just need to know an experienced company to do that for you. Read to get more acquainted

coinbase website clone

Coinbase Clone Script

Coinbase clone Script is a peer-to-peer encrypted clone script that has features similar to the features of Coinbase Exchange and has all the advantages and disadvantages of Coinbase.

This digital exchange software has advanced and practical features and has a customization option so that you can change it according to your desired mind design.

This encrypted software is fully tested and is reliable and secure in every way. It has a white label and source code.

This script, like crack exchange, offers about 60 digital currencies, including bitcoin, and supports up to 7 Fiat currencies.

This script is based on block chain technology and in addition offers other trading features that you can choose from.

This software has advanced systems to prevent unauthorized changes and bots and malware.

The demand for Kraken encrypted clone scripts is huge due to the high profit that users earn.

Coinbase clone script features

Application: Provide applications for all devices and operating systems

Encrypted wallets: Provide secure wallets to protect your assets

Payment gateway: Provide different payment gateways for the convenience of customers

High security: It has not been hacked due to the time it has been built.

Admin panel: Has a user-friendly admin panel that is responsive 24 hours a day.

Unlimited currency pairs: In addition to offering many digital currencies and all Fiat currencies, it offers many currency pairs.

Live Trading Charts: Ability to watch trading changes in a completely up-to-date manner

Transactions: Provide futures trades Advanced trading margin and base trading contracts and spot and OTC and betting

Third-party API integration: Highly useful for solving potential problems.

White Labeling Service: Having a white label that is a backup to have your own design.

Multilingual support: makes it easier for customers to benefit from your services and have a stronger connection.

How does Coinbase clone script works?

A business account in Coinbase is easily created with a few clicks. It does not matter on which continent and where in the world you live, Asia or Europe, Africa or Australia.  

You can create an account anywhere in the world by connecting to the Internet and spending some money and time and start your business as a trader.

In the first step, the user must create an account with a username and an ID, and then a link to which he or she will receive a Gmail or SMS.  To complete the registration must receive KYC approval and to receive this confirmation it is necessary to provide additional information.

This additional information includes government certificate documents and bank account information.

To have assets in your wallet, the user must choose a payment method and deposit some Fiat money using a bank account or credit card and buy some cryptocurrency.

The user can then select the transaction method and purchase the desired coin.

After purchasing your digital currency will be transferred directly to your wallet.