Fleet Management System
Fleet Management System
If you are looking for a fleet management system that is not just based on advanced technology but also focused on revenue growth mindset then HashStudioz Technologies is the perfect destination for you. Automate your fleet business with our customized and highly scalable fleet management solutions. An app that works in offline mode too along with an app lock facility will add security and reliability.

What Is The Fleet Management System?

Vehicle and Fleet Management system is a software solution that helps you to trace, track, and analyze your vehicle's real-time data to bring efficiency and improvement in your fleet operations.

It is an administrative approach that allows fleet companies to organize and coordinate with working fleets. That not only reduces the operating costs but also helps in getting compliance with government regulations.

Understanding the fleet operation challenges, our travel domain experts build the vehicle management system that's scalable, flexible, and can be customized to best suit your exact business needs.

If You Own A Fleet Business, All You Need To Ensure A Smooth And Fast Functioning

  • A responsive website for admin and users.
  • Mobile app for Fleet Drivers.
  • App facility to work in offline mode with several days of data to sync.
  • Multi-level check to ensure authenticity.
  • A mechanism to capture various gas meter readings.
  • A report generator for various Stakeholders.
  • A Central Management system for Trip creation and assignment.

Specific Features Of HashStudioz Fleet Management Software

  • Highly scalable-Our fleet solutions are designed to scale your fleet business to a higher extent.
  • A centralized user management-The remote control will provide you the ease to manage your vehicle and employee like a piece of cake.
  • Device App lock-The AI featured app lock will restrict unwanted access.
  • Open standard protocols- This makes our system highly efficient and easy to operate.
  • Offline access- We have designed the mobile app that works in offline mode too.
  • GPS based route tracking-We facilitate the live monitoring of vehicles with geofencing & alerts.
  • Cloud solution-This makes our system more authentic & secure that ultimately helps you gain the stakeholders' trust.

Modules That You Get Along With Our Fleet Solution

Fuel Management - It helps businesses to analyze, monitor, and optimize the fuel expenses. It facilitates to Log fuel or connects your fuel cards to optimize the operating costs.

Inspections & Compliance - The fleet system also allows you to maintain compliance with digital inspections and issue management systems.

Trip Tracking - The Fleet solutions also help in detecting any issue that arises with vehicles. It facilitates you to instantly respond to the field members and record every detail.

Maintain Reports - The fleet solution collects all the essential pieces of information and provides a complete service history report for every asset in your fleet.

Inventory Management - The system keeps a web-based inventory system, we also use barcode/RFID technology to track your fleet parts and supplies easily.

Preventative Maintenance - Get notification in advance for any of the maintenance tasks such as oil changes, mileage service intervals, brakes, and more.

Fleet Technical Solution That Is Advanced + Revenue Oriented

If you are looking for a fleet management system that is not just based on advanced technology but also focused on revenue growth mindset then HashStudioz Technologies is the perfec