To find key in our blog about beauty
To find key in our blog about beauty
Most girls need to put on delicate makeup when they go out, so it is really difficult for you to draw a delicate effect.



To solve your makeup questions,read this articlenow.Let's take a look at these common makeup questions.And then find the key to solve them.
1. Base makeup questions
I believe that many girls are envious of other people's smooth and flawless makeup, but their own looks like a layer of "lime powder", and it peels from time to time. In fact, first of all, you have to choose the base makeup that matches your skin tone, otherwise it will look too different from the skin tone of your neck. It looks weird. If you want to make the base makeup more compliant, of course, the skin must have a good foundation. Before applying the base makeup, remember to take care of your skin, do a good job of isolating and moisturizing, and do mask care if necessary, and more importantly, look carefully. Where there are blemishes on your face, choose a light and thin foundation, and then use loose powder to set the makeup.It is the obvious one in most makeup questions.
2. Eyebrows
Most girls are very blunt about the action of drawing eyebrows, and most of them look unnatural. Some eyebrows are too thick, the eyebrows do not fit their eyebrow shape, or they look old-fashioned. We are drawing When developing eyebrows, you must follow the principle of "weakening strokes and inconspicuous edges". It needs to be done step by step. If you don't know how to start, you can divide the eyebrows into three points: brow, brow peak and brow tail. Don't take it too hard. !This problem is the typical one in common makeup questions.
3. Eye shadow problem
Eye shadows are a bit difficult for makeup beginners. Some girls' eye shadows are not only uneven, but also the colors are strange. If you don't know what color to choose, you can choose a brightening color as a base, and then use some sparkling ones. Add another layer of eye shadow, use light brown as the main color, and finally use dark brown to deepen the end of the eye. If it is daily makeup, it is OK to choose a single brown eye shadow!
4. Shadows and highlights
A three-dimensional makeup is inseparable from the modification of shadows and highlights, but shadows and highlights must transition naturally, not deep smears. We need to distinguish the positions where shadows and highlights are drawn separately, on the sides of the cheeks and the sides of the bridge of the nose. You need to draw shadows, remember to draw lightly to avoid heavy brushwork that will cause uneven application and stain your face; draw highlights in the middle of the forehead, the position of the cheekbones, the middle of the bridge of the nose, and the upper and lower parts of the mouth, which will make the whole makeup look More three-dimensional, and play a role in brightening!
5. Blush problem
How can a spirited makeup look be without blush, this is a "spiritual weapon", but it must be noted that when applying blush, you must pay attention to the amount of it, otherwise it will be a red one. Tuo, I really feel embarrassed. I thought I was singing. First of all, I must find the right place to apply the blush, and then apply a small amount of blush on the cheekbones. Remember to use the brush to apply it evenly, this will make the makeup look It looks more vibrant!
6. Lip makeup problem
If you want to make the effect of lip makeup better, it is best to do lip care first when applying lipstick to prevent dryness and peeling. You can use a lip pencil to draw the desired lip shape on the lips, and then use the lip pencil to draw the desired lip shape on the lips. When brushing on the lips, remember that the coloring direction of the lower lip is from the inside to the outside, from light to dark, and the upper lip should pay special attention to the "wavy" area to avoid applying too much, which will cause it to look ugly.