The Von Agency adds digital fundraising and surveys
The Von Agency adds digital fundraising and surveys
The Von Agency, Staten Island digital marketing firm,

The Von Agency, Staten Island digital marketing firm, announced today that it added digital fundraising and surveys to the list of services offered to clients. The additions compliment the wide variety of services the firm presently offers such as radio and television advertising, concert marketing and social media marketing.

Said Leticia Remauro, President & CEO for The Von Agency, “As the world becomes increasingly more digital, we realized that digital surveys and digital fundraising are two services that are much needed in the political and non profit arena. The fact is that the online community is growing and people of all ages are relying on their phones, iPads and computers to do everything from booking dinner reservations to buying groceries. It only makes sense that non profit organizations and political candidates seeking to raise funds would do so online. By adding these digital fundraising and survey services, we are providing clients with all the tools they need to succeed martech news.”

Said George Passariello, Director of Digital Advertising for The Von Agency, “Surveys are an important tool used in product placement and messaging. We recognize that people are more likely to answer questions honestly and completely when they are presented to them in a digital format which they can fill out at their leisure and wherever they are most comfortable. Our online surveys are the perfect tool for collecting and tracking data which is then used to develop a winning marketing or fundraising campaign. The Von Agency’s philosophy is to provide clients with everything they need for a successful campaign all in one place. Adding digital fundraising and survey services fulfills our mission martech.”