How to Remodel Your Maple Shaker Kitchen Cabinets on a Budget
How to Remodel Your Maple Shaker Kitchen Cabinets on a Budget
Your dream maple shaker kitchen cabinets can still become a reality if you learn how to remodel a kitchen on a tight budget.

Let’s face it, kitchen remodeling can be expensive. But that doesn’t mean that you should defer your ambition to have a beautiful and functional kitchen space. Your dream maple shaker kitchen cabinets can still become a reality if you learn how to remodel a kitchen on a tight budget.

Getting started…

Getting started is the difference between having a remodeled kitchen space and not. You must commit to starting a kitchen remodeling project with the budget that you have.

With such a commitment, our valuable tips will help you minimize the expenditure on kitchen remodeling.

Tips to remodel a kitchen on a budget

Here are some valuable tips that can get you started the right way:

Have a grand plan

What kind of remodeling do you intend to undertake? You need to be clear about your intentions from the very start. Is it just painting the cabinets or do you want to change things around?

Have a plan for what you want to do. At this stage, don’t think about the money involved, just have a plan. If you want to install maple shaker kitchen cabinets, just add them to the plan.

There is an option of hiring a designer to help you create a grand plan. This will depend on the scope of your remodeling. If it is a whole kitchen remodeling, a designer can help you reduce costs.

Hire a contractor 

It sounds expensive to hire a general contractor when you are looking for ways of saving money. However, it isn’t expensive if you are remodeling a large kitchen space. The value that the general contractor will bring to the remodeling will help you save a lot of money.

So, how can a contractor help you save money? Well, they have a wide network in the kitchen industry, which they can use to help you get the best deals in the market. It can be easier and cheaper to find the best maple shaker kitchen cabinets through an experienced contractor.

There is also the aspect of quality guarantee when you hire a general contractor to work for you. However, if your remodeling project is not extensive, you can do it without a general contractor.

Opt for RTA cabinets 

Ready-to-assemble cabinets are a great option for those seeking quality and affordable kitchen cabinets. You will have to assemble the cabinets yourself but the quality remains the same.

The cost of RTA cabinets is significantly lower than custom cabinetry because you become part of the assembling process. You can shop for RTA cabinets online to get the best quality that you want. The beauty is that they can be shipped to your location without delay because they come in small units for assembly.

Light up your kitchen 

Another impressive way of remodeling your kitchen space without spending a lot of money is lighting your kitchen space. Light changes everything in the kitchen. With good lighting, your kitchen space will suddenly become bigger and brighter.

You can even make it better if you add more lighting to a kitchen with maple shaker kitchen cabinets. Such a kitchen will look bigger and airier compared to others. It doesn’t cost a lot to add light fixtures to improve the look and function of your kitchen space.

Do some work yourself 

Since you are working on a limited budget, you should be proactive during the remodeling project. You can do some work yourself to reduce the amount of money spent on skilled labor.

You don’t have to perform the hard tasks; you can do the simple tasks like helping to arrange things, tearing down the walls, or assembling cabinetry units. Any work input that you make will contribute to the overall reduction of the total cost of renovation.

Don’t change the layout 

If there is nothing wrong with your current kitchen layout, you shouldn’t bother changing it. A change in the kitchen layout will mean that you have to tear down the walls. This will be an expensive move that will cost you a lot of money.

Instead of changing the layout, you can change the way you arrange things in the kitchen. Better still, you can introduce new cabinetry like maple shaker kitchen cabinets to spice up the look of your kitchen space.

Paint your cabinets 

You don’t have to buy new kitchen cabinets if you are simply looking for aesthetic improvement. A simple color change can reinvent the look of your kitchen space. Pick the right color that will work with the current theme and style of your kitchen.

Painting is a job that requires a professional to do it right. Don’t do it if you don’t have painting experience. Consider hiring a pro to help you do this job perfectly.

Refurbish appliances 

Similarly, you don’t need to buy new kitchen appliances if the old ones are working. You can just work on their appearances by refurbishing their looks. A professional refurbishing that includes a paint job will make the kitchen appliances feel new.

But you can always buy one or two new appliances that are no longer functional in your kitchen space. Don’t fill your space with appliances that don’t work efficiently.

Use color white 

The accessibility of the white color makes it one of the most affordable colors in the kitchen. Choosing a white theme for your kitchen will reduce the overall cost of your remodeling. However, you must ensure that you get it right with this color; otherwise, it can turn out to be a disappointment.

You can also compare the prices of the different shades of white available before you settle on one. If there is no major price difference, you can just pick any color option that you prefer.

Final say:

Kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to be expensive. You can use a combination of the tips highlighted above to reduce the overall cost if you are working on a budget. If you have an open budget, you can ignore some of these recommendations in favor of what fits your preference.