Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot For Sale
Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot For Sale
The habitat of yellow naped for sale is a remote region of Honduras. It is difficult to find this bird due to its inaccessibility.

If you are looking for a Yellow-naped amazon parrot for sale, you have come to the right place. We will go over the general care of this parrot, including its diet, habitat, and lifestyle. This article will also give you the scoop on the sub classes and geo variants of this bird. After reading this, you will have no problem finding the perfect parrot for your family. Just remember, these beautiful birds aren't easy to find for sale.

Yellow-naped amazon parrot

The Yellow-naped Amazon is a beautiful, large parrot that is native to the jungles of South America. Its bright color is striking and grows into a yellow patch around its neck as an adult. This bird has remarkable talking abilities and can learn to sing and say many words. When well-trained, these birds make wonderful pets. Be sure to get a large enough cage to accommodate your pet. A 36-inch-long cage with 3/4-inch wire spacing is ideal.

This large, green bird has a brilliant yellow patch on its nape, and small, bright yellow feathers on its head and neck. They are primarily shimmering green, but can have patches of yellow on the head and neck as they mature. The Yellow-naped Amazon is highly intelligent, and prefers to live in large flocks. The birds tend to congregate at favorite roosting locations, and can form a mass of glistening yellow and green feathers.


The habitat of yellow naped amazon for sale is a remote region of Honduras. It is difficult to find this bird due to its inaccessibility. Fortunately, the bird has an excellent talking ability. The birds are considered one of the best-looking and most entertaining of all the Amazons. Some people collect these birds for their talking abilities, while others prefer their physical appearance. A great deal of time and money are spent on these birds, making them a good option for pet owners.

In the wild, yellow naped Amazons eat fruits, seeds, nuts, and berries. They also feed on leaf buds and blossoms. Their lifespans are between 20 and 30 years. Those who care for this bird should not expect to see it live more than 60 years. Their lifespan is about 30 years, and they are protected from commercial exploitation and trade in the wild. The yellow-naped Amazon is a great pet for any home, so make sure you have ample space and proper care to keep your pet happy and healthy.


Originally from the Honduras highlands, Voren began collecting the yellow naped birds in the late 1970s. He was in a remote area of the country when the birds were born. The lack of export opportunities for these birds is believed to be the main factor in their decline. However, this was not the only cause of their decline. Political unrest and inaccessibility in the region also affected their numbers.

The diet of a yellow naped Amazon should be based on pellets and seed mixes, with a daily serving of fresh fruits and vegetables. The diet should consist of between 1/3 and half cup of pellets and a few servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. This combination ensures that your bird receives the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. You should also provide plenty of mental stimulation by burying treats in your home. Hide treats for your bird to discover. It will stimulate the brain and imitate the bird's natural urge to forage for food.


Yellow-naped Amazons are social, playful birds that will bond easily with your flock. They also mimic human speech. Care for yellow naped Amazons is a big commitment, especially since these birds can live up to 80 years! They require regular mental stimulation and lots of attention. However, if you take care of these birds right, they will make a great pet! Here are some care tips for your yellow-naped Amazon.

The yellow-naped Amazon parrot is a species of bird native to the tropical forests of the Pacific coast. They live in the north-western parts of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, and southern Mexico. They feed on seeds, fruit, berries, leaf buds, and other natural materials. These birds can live up to 60 years in captivity! While they're generally easy to care for, they're best left alone for the first few years, while they're still getting used to their new home.


The Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata is the name of this species, found in Central and Southern Mexico. Its plumage is a light olive-green, and its bill is gray. Its lower mandible is horn-colored. Though its plumage is largely the same as that of its nominate race, it can be easily distinguished by its yellow-naped appearance.

The diet of a yellow naped frog should include a varied diet that contains plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some fruits are high in sugar and should only be offered in small quantities. Avoid dried fruits, as these are high in sulfur. Offer green leafy vegetables and dark-skinned fruit. A nourishing diet will include calcium, vitamin A, and minerals. However, you should avoid artificial additives.

Life expectancy

The lifespan of a yellow naped amazon is extremely long. These parrots are renowned for their social nature, talking prowess, and intelligence. Although they are known to have a long life, you should consider their care and handling requirements. It is much like caring for a toddler. A yellow naped parrot should be bonded with another family member, such as a child.

Yellow-naped Amazons are native to the Pacific region. They are concentrated in the north-western parts of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, and south Mexico. These birds prefer tropical areas and prefer to nest in tree cavities lined with natural materials. The yellow naped amazon can live for 20 to 30 years in the wild and sixty to eighty years in captivity. Despite the long life of this parrot, they are still considered endangered by some conservation organizations.