Rigid Boxes Vs Cardboard; What packaging type to choose for your brand
Rigid Boxes Vs Cardboard; What packaging type to choose for your brand
Choosing the right kind of packaging material is one of the essential factors in a brand’s development. Rigid boxes, for instance, are the choice of most the brands dealing in luxury products.

Creating a brand not only involves the product one is introducing in the market. A brand depends on several factors such as the design, packaging material, marketing, etc., from apparel to food. Every brand needs a complete layout before setting its feet in the market.

 Some brands deal with selling essential products, the products involved in our daily life. And some brands deal with the sale of luxury products. Most brands use cardboard or rigid boxes for primary and luxury products.  

Choosing the right kind of packaging material is one of the essential factors in a brand’s development. Rigid boxes, for instance, are the choice of most the brands dealing in luxury products.  

If you are dealing with an apparel brand, running a shop of formal dresses perhaps, then rigid packaging boxes are suitable. Choosing a packaging box reflects your brand’s message and identity. You cannot sell brides' or bridesmaid’s dresses in mere cardboard packaging. 

 What is a Rigid Box?

 Also known as premium packaging, rigid boxes are of high-quality material. They are more sturdy than other types. Rigid boxes are thick to secure the product while keeping the appearance properly.  

A rigid box is a suitable choice for your formal apparel brand.  

Types of Rigid Box Packaging

A brand can choose from four types of rigid box packaging. These different types use the same material, but they differ in appearance. These four types are:

Partial finish

As the name suggests, partial finish only partially covers the box. The box is not entirely covered with wrapping paper. The sides and lid are covered with beautifully designed wrapping paper. The packaging base remains bare or unfinished where the product is to be laid. 


They are made with single chipboard but with perforated crease lines for folding. They take less time to prepare and cost a bit less than the others. 

To Sum up, in a few words, the partial finish consists of:

Unfinished or bare base

The sides and lid of the box are covered in wrapping paper. These boxes have bare inside walls of the box. 

Fully Finished

Fully finished rigid boxes are the ones that are entirely covered. There is unity throughout the box. There is no chipboard to be exposed, and whether they are covered by wrapping paper or something else, it is applied equally to each part. 

Each side of the box or the wall of the box is separate allowing to have different colour schemes or designs. 

 This type uses thicker chipboard and is often used for heavy dresses in apparel. There is an additional layer of protection that may be coloured or white. 

 In short, the full finish rigid box uses the following things:

  • Equally covered on all sides
  • Each wall is of a separate chipboard
  • Composed without using any tapes
  • Uses thicker chipboard, usually 2-3 mm thick
  • Different finishing options with lamination are used

Tube Packaging

Rigid boxes also come in tube packaging. While they may not be suitable for formal dresses, they can be used as gift boxes. Rigid gift boxes are always high in demand when a special occasion is around the corner.

As an apparel brand, you can use tube packaging for accessories for the dresses. This packaging is different and eco-friendly. 

It is a cylindrical-shaped box, sometimes as thin as a telescope with a shoulder-neck opening. You can also use tube packaging for your cosmetics.

Magnetic Packaging

Magnetic packaging can be an eye-catching experience for a customer. The magnets inside the lid of the rigid boxes give a firm close to the box. 

The magnetic packaging boxes are very sturdy, so a customer getting their wedding dress picked out won’t feel unsure about the protection of their dress.

These boxes come in two styles:


  • Standard style
  • Collapsible style

The standard style is more robust and more durable, but it costs slightly more than that standard style. The collapsible magnetic closure helps in shipping. It is packed and shipped flat and decreases the shipping cost. The collapsible rigid boxes come with double-sided tape.

Benefits of Rigid Boxes

What benefits will you get if you package your product in rigid boxes? Following are a few pointers to remember:

Adds Elegance to the Brand

A rigid box is bound to add elegance. When the customers see the packaging, they are automatically intrigued to see what’s inside. Formal dresses like wedding attire or a suit must be packaged in an elegant rigid box to appease the customers.   

A lot of time, customers are looking for gifts. If your packaging is not up to the standards, they will not buy the dresses from you. Packaging improves the interaction of a brand with its customers. For bridesmaids, most of the brides like to have customised boxes. So, you can also have custom rigid boxes so that customers pick your brand for every formal occasion. 

Gives Increased Protection

You are not always selling your products to the neighbourhood. Sometimes, customers from far-off cities and states like your dresses and want them. This is where rigid boxes come in handy. When you pack your dresses in rigid boxes, they make sure to keep the product safe. Rigid boxes can travel miles without the fear of damage; thus, the chance of returning the product diminishes.

What is a Cardboard Box?

Cardboard packaging is one of the favourite packaging materials for many brands. It is a heavy paper stock type that has sturdy consistency. It is also thick, one of the main reasons it is the choice of many brands.

A cardboard box might not be suitable for your formal apparel brand.

Types of Cardboard packaging 

There are many types of cardboard packaging, but the ones used primarily in industries are mentioned below: 

Single-face board

Single face board is the lightest cardboard packaging. It is suitable for different lightweight products but not for heavy and formal dresses. It does not have any second straight piece on the fluted layer. This type is mainly used between different items packed so they can be separated. 

Single-wall board

This type of cardboard is also prevalent because of its weight. It consists of one layer of flute covered by two flat walls on each side. Even with a single layer, this cardboard packaging appears strong but for lightweight products such as stationery, tooth-brushed, etc.  


Double-wall board

As the name hints, the double wall layer has an extra layer of fluting. There are two outside layers as well to make the packaging stronger. Adding these extra layers guarantees the protection of the product. 

Corrugated fiberboard

This type of cardboard has three layers of flat outside on each side to make it stronger. The wavy center, also called fluting, helps to make the material strong and gives the capacity to hold heavier objects. 

It comes in a variety of thicknesses depending upon the product's packaging. The packaging size depends on the frequency and width indicated by letters. The size chart is as follows:

  • A flute is five millimeters
  • B flute is three millimeters
  • C flute is four millimeters

Benefits of Cardboard packaging 

Following are the benefits of cardboard packaging that you must keep in mind before making a final decision:

They Are Highly Flexible

The cardboard packaging is highly flexible. They can be molded into any shape or size without spending much money. Brands can cust9omise these boxes in their way. 


They are lightweight as well. Being lightweight, they do not attract a lot of cost on shipping and even manufacturing. This is why many brands in the market choose cardboard boxes. But if your brand speaks for its luxury, you must not go for cardboard packaging as it can damage the brand's product and name.

Final Words

To sum it up, if your brand deals with formal apparel, you must choose rigid boxes over cardboard boxes due to their sturdy nature, elegance, and richness.