Adding a Contemporary Extension to an Old House | lowcarbonbuildings
Adding a Contemporary Extension to an Old House | lowcarbonbuildings

England is distinguished by its remarkable preservation of timeless and modest architecture. It is where medieval villages are snuggled below gothic-style castles, terrace houses reign supreme on London streets, and paved streets meet thatched-roofed houses. Advances in technology and diverse home decor ideas have led  new extension on old house to homeowners with old houses wanting to modernise their homes without altering their home’s original design. The same applies to listed houses where there is a need to increase an ample light-filled space for various uses. One way to achieve this is by adding glass extensions to the home. listed building extension ideas

What is a Listed Building?

A building attains the listed status when it is seen to be of historical or architectural significance. The status protects the building from alterations, and you cannot make changes without seeking approval from relevant authorities. Approval to make changes is given by the conservation officer from your local authority. The rules surrounding what you can do and cannot do to the listed building are seen to be subjective. For this reason, you should always consult a designer/architect familiar with the local planning authority or a conservation officer. contemporary extension


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Case Studies & Statistics

View case studies related to the government’s new Renewable Heat Incentive, as well as the previous Low Carbon Buildings Programme. Find out more about the streams that made up the Low Carbon Buildings Programme and the new Renewable Heat Incentive. building a contemporary home

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Discover the major aims of the Renewable Heat Incentive and the Low Carbon Buildings Programme, such as the goal of supporting a more holistic, direct approach to lowering carbon output from buildings and increasing energy efficient microgeneration.

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