Great Reasons to Purchase a Cat Scratcher
Great Reasons to Purchase a Cat Scratcher
Cats love to scratch and it is in their nature to use different surfaces.

Cats love to scratch and it is in their nature to use different surfaces. Many people believe they simply want to show their claws, but in fact they want to stretch their backs. Although many owners hate that kitties scratch their sofas and other furniture, scratching is highly beneficial to them, helping them physically and mentally. If you want to preserve your furniture in one piece, the answer is a cat scratcher. Since pet parents are always concerned about the wellbeing of their companions, they want to invest in the right products. This brings us to food, and how Biopet vegan dog food has caught so much attention.

What Is a Cat Scratcher?

A cat scratcher is a construction that your feline friend uses to manifest their natural behavior. It is available at pet shops in many shapes, sizes, forms, and designed from different materials. You can install it in your home, in different places, and soon enough, your companion will start to use it instead of your precious sofa. You can purchase one based on their size, on the type of surface they like, and you can find some very interesting models that go very well with the design of your home. Some scratches have a flat surface, so your kitten can stand on them and scratch, while others are posts, ideal for stretching their backs.

Scratching is highly beneficial for them, because they groom their claws, cleaning and sharpening them during the day. It is the best way to eliminate viruses and bacteria that stay on their claws, especially after using the litter, after going outside, or simply staying indoors. Cats love to stay clean and groom themselves, and just as they groom their fur every day, they need to do the same with their claws. Also, when they sharpen them, they mark their territory, because they have glands in their paw pads and they release a unique scent on the surfaces.

Why Buy a Cat Scratcher?

While outdoors and in the wild, cats use tree trunks to scratch, but inside they don’t have such elements and they use what is available and suitable to them. Why not provide them with the right surface and some of their own, instead of making your furniture that attractive to them? A very basic and effective  cat scratcher  is the cardboard one. Such scratchers shred and make noises, ideal for kitties. To make the scratcher appealing to them, it needs to catch their attention and be convenient to use, so keep in mind things like shape, size, texture, and location.

If you don’t want to invest too much money in the beginning, you can purchase cardboard scratches and put them around the house. Once your feline discovers them, they will use it daily and become less attracted to your personal belongings. They will feel more secure and happy, because they can mark their own territories and you will not scold them so much anymore. If they are reticent to them, try putting some catnip on the surface, and the scent will attract them even more. Hang some toys as well, and give your kitty some time to discover the new additions.

Another type of cat scratcher you can purchase is the sisal covered post. This is one of the most popular options, because they love running their claws through the rough surface. The investment is more considerable in this case, but the post lasts longer, and you will be able to provide it to your cat for several years. Some posts even have dedicated sitting areas, so your cat can relax and sleep onto the post, play around, and use it as an activity center. Always make sure the post is sturdy and stable, because if it wobbles, it can collapse onto your cat and they will not use it anytime soon.

A tall cat scratching post is preferable, because it allows felines to stretch their body to the fullest and pull back their back and shoulder muscles. This promotes overall flexibility and health. Location is very important, and to make sure you choose the right one, place the scratcher in a place they like to hangout and where they spend most of the time. You can find so many interesting designs at pet shops, at different price points, so you can certainly choose the suitable one.

What Is Biopet Vegan Dog Food

Pet owners love the companionship and unconditional affection they receive from their furry friends. They don’t ask much in exchange, simply feed them high-quality food, play with them, provide them toys, and unconditional love always. Food is an essential consideration, and you should always make sure to look into the products you buy, because they need to have great nutritional value. Many dog owners have discovered vegan food and its benefits, so Biopet vegan dog food is available on the market.

More and more dog parents discover Biopet vegan dog food  and the benefits of vegan food in general. Some dogs have digestive issues and allergies when they consume meat, and it is not recommended to continue offering meat products, no matter how nutritious they are.

Biopet is a well-known Australian manufacturer that has many types of dog food, most of them are based on meat, but they do have a selection without any animal ingredients. Biopet vegan dog food is available as dry kibble, and it packs all the necessary nutrients, protein, fiber, vitamins that your pup needs to develop properly and be healthy.

You can find Biopet vegan dog food at pet shops and order products online. They have a great variety and you can always integrate it in your dog’s meals to see how they like it, how they feel. What your pet eats reflects in their behavior, energy levels, on how their coat look, in their stools, and more. It is always crucial to do the right thing and invest in quality food products, especially if you want to avoid health problems and increase lifespan.