8 Surprising Uses of Cat Litter
8 Surprising Uses of Cat Litter
Cat owners are well-versed on the subject of kitty litter. But did you know that your favorite super-absorbent product has a variety of other applications outside of the litter box? The many applications of kitty litter may surprise you, ranging from preventing trash spills to keeping house plants healthy.

Let’s not waste any more time and look at some surprising uses for kitty litter. Let’s go get it!

1. Mud Mask

Using kitty litter, make a deep-cleansing mud mask. (Yes, I’m serious.) Make a thick mixture with two handfuls of new, clumping clay-based kitty litter and adequate water. Apply the paste to your face and leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing it off with water. By absorbing dirt and oil from the pores, cat litter clay detoxifies your skin. Tell your friends that’s your little secret when they compliment you on your complexion and ask how you did it.


2. Deodorizer

Cat litter is porous and absorbs odours, making it ideal for cats. Pour a cup of water into the bottom of a garbage can to absorb odours and moisture. Replace a dish of fresh kitty litter every week in musty cabinets or closets. To absorb some of the odour, place a handful of cat litter in the ashtrays.


3. Dry Fresh Flowers

Cat litter absorbs liquids in the same way as it absorbs odours. Place a layer of cat litter 1 to 2 inches thick at the bottom of an airtight container to precisely preserve fresh flowers. Gently place flowers on top of the litter and close the container. Allow flowers to rest for a week. Flowers should be entirely dry and in the same form as when they were placed in the container once opened.


4. Grease spots cleaner

Simply cover unsightly grease and oil patches on your driveway or garage floor with clay-based kitty litter. If the stains are still fresh, the litter will quickly absorb the majority of the oil. Pour some paint thinner over the stain before putting it in the cat litter to eliminate old stains. Wait 12 hours before sweeping it clean.

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