7 Essential Tips To Follow To Ensure Proper Hygiene With Your Pets
7 Essential Tips To Follow To Ensure Proper Hygiene With Your Pets
As we all know, pets are absolutely special. They bring joy and comfort to any home. And households that have pets are most certainly very lucky. But having a pet or two can be a bit challenging because it takes more than just feeding them and giving them your attention. Their quality of living is also very important and since you are the pet parent, you know what’s best for them, right?

But apart from this, ensuring proper hygiene with your pets is equally important and must be practised. Thus, through this blog, we will be giving you as many as 7 essential tips that must be followed to ensure proper hygiene with your pets. So let’s dive straight in, shall we?

7 Tips To Practice Healthy And Proper Hygiene With Your Pets

While there are lots of tips that we would love to share with you, but right now, 7 tips would be more than enough. So let’s go through them one by one.

1. Dump The Waste Outside

After bagging up our pet’s waste, we generally tend to toss it in the garbage bin inside our homes. But we should not do that and instead, throw the waste bags outside in the trash can. This will help in keeping the foul odour as well as bacteria out of your home and keep the environment cleaner and healthier.

2. Regular Hands Washing

We’re living in the year 2021 where health has become our top priority. And with the pandemic going around, washing our hands regularly has become extremely important. But this regular washing of the hands thingy is also crucial in practicing good hygiene with your pets as well. Whether you just finished playing with your buddy, cleaned up their mess, or given them their meal, washing your hands thoroughly and regularly is recommended. This is because your pets can carry microscopic bacteria and it can be harmful to everyone’s health in the house.

3. Don’t Forget Your Pet’s Bedding

If you are planning to practice good hygiene in pets, then make sure you remember your pet’s bedding. Although your pet’s bedding can be soft and comfy, they still need proper washing every now and again. In a few day’s time, the bedding of your pet can be filled with muck and filth, which can be extremely harmful to their health. Also, it becomes the perfect breeding place for fleas and ticks to wreak havoc. So, make sure you wash your pet’s bedding every now and again.

4. Clean Food And Water Bowls

As the saying goes, cleanliness is close to godliness. Hence, we must try and practice this even with our pets. Thus, when it comes to their pet food and water bowls, it is imperative to always wash the bowls after every meal. Also, when you provide them with fresh drinking water, make sure to replace the bowl of water after every 6 to 8 hours. Do not keep the water for too long because it tends to get contaminated. So make it a point to replace the bowl of water frequently.

5. Hold Regular Grooming Sessions And Check For Fleas & Ticks

Grooming helps to keep your pet in a healthy and hygienic condition. So holding regular sessions is highly recommended. Besides, these sessions are the best way to locate fleas and ticks, if any. Make sure to run your fingers over your pet’s fur to check for any lumps or bumps. If you spot any, then it could be the dreaded fleas or ticks. Hence, putting your buddy on a flea and tick preventative schedule is advised, especially during the peak seasons.

6. Keep Your Backyard Clean

Make sure to prioritize cleaning up your backyard regularly, especially if you have pets in the house. Backyards tend to collect the most junk and this can be extremely harmful to your pet’s health. Also, backyards are very likely to be the place from where your pet can come in contact with the dreaded fleas and ticks. So make sure you clean up your backyard regularly and mow the long grasses as well.

7. Pet Toys Need To Be Cleaned Frequently

All pets have their favourite toys that they love to play with, but these toys can get real dirty real quick. Hence, it is so very important to get them cleaned frequently. You can wash them with your bare hands with soap and water, or you can dump them in the washing machine and clean them up. Also, ensure to sanitize the toys regularly to keep out germs.

Following these essential hygiene tips will go a long way in keeping your pet safe and healthy for long periods of time. So what are you waiting for? Start practicing these good and effective hygiene tips right away.