Why a Puppy Pen Is a Good Idea
Why a Puppy Pen Is a Good Idea
Getting a puppy is exciting.

Getting a puppy is exciting. Nothing compares to the joy of having a furry new friend that will stand by your side in every situation. However, it can be stressful at first, because pups have a lot of energy, they run around, explore, chew, and don’t care about anything. Luckily, solutions exist and you can purchase a puppy pen where you can place the little one when you are not around.

Another stressful task is cleaning around after your furry companion. Until they are trained to go outside, they will relieve themselves a lot, and there is no point in getting angry when they do it on your carpet or floor, in your shoes, or wherever you don’t expect. Puppy training pads are available to purchase, and they are of great help, because you can position the layers around the house and simply toss them away when they are used.

Why Buy a Puppy Pen?

When you have a puppy pen at home, you have a safe space for you little guy. You can put it inside while you run errands or have some cleaning up to do, so it will not go snooping around or chew something that they shouldn’t. You don’t have to think of the pen as a confined space that will keep your little one restrained or that you keep it captive.

Inside the pen you can add some toys, a blanket, food, water, some treats, so that it doesn’t get bored. Not to mention that you will not use the crate forever or day and night, just a few hours per day until you can give your companion your full attention. It can be their personal space, to use whenever they want to feel safe, because in a new surrounding they will need some time to get accustomed with everything.

On the market you can find expandable playpens, which means they can be used for older dogs as well or for transportation. Even if your pup grows at an alarming rate, the crate can be expanded to fit them perfectly. You can choose a model based on the breed you have, and the most important aspect is that your pup should not be able to jump out, so make sure the edges are tall enough.

What Are Puppy Training Pads?  

Maybe you are already familiar with them, but new pet parents might not know about puppy training pads . Becoming housebroken is essential for every pet parent, but this happens gradually and it differs from dog to dog. Your pup needs your guidance and support to make it through, and in the meanwhile, you can use some helpful accessories that will make cleaning the house a lot easier.

One of the most notable benefits of training pads is convenience. Maintenance and cleaning are very easy, because you simply need to throw away used items, and place new ones instead. To draw their attention, all you need to do is place the pads where your pup prefers to pee. You can also spray them with certain substances that contain pheromones, to attract them in that place. Since you can’t go out with your little one every hour or in the middle of the night, these items are very useful.

Variety of Puppy Training Pads

It can be difficult at first to figure out which puppy training pads are better. When you visit a pet shop, you are overwhelmed with the possibilities. However, there are a few aspects to keep in mind, which include odor control, multiple layers, and the right fit. It is best to purchase larger pads, especially if your pup is not a very good aimer.

In fact, training pads are not only for puppies, they are highly recommended for senior dogs, because in most cases they are unable to go out very often. Even dogs that have been through surgery or are recovering are not allowed to go out, and using pads is very easy to look and clean after them. It makes the situation a lot easier, and some types are very absorbent and keep the odor inside.

No Need to Get Out of the House

With puppy training pads you don’t have to get out of the house when the weather is bad. Many puppies avoid going outside when there is a storm, when it is snowing, or very windy. They are unable to relieve themselves, and this causes frustration for owners as well. It is a win-win for everyone, and owners don’t have to go outside when they dread it.

Learning your pup to give up the pads can be done gradually, and you can find so many tips and tricks online. Even vets will advise you on how to proceed, and what to do in case your furry friend doesn’t want to go outside. For the time being, it is good to know that such useful products exist, and that you can look after your beloved companion in all situations.

How to Choose a Puppy Pen

When you look in the market for a puppy pen, you will find many types available, designed from different materials. It all depends on the situation you want the pen for. For example, if you want a model to keep inside or outside the house, just to always keep your pet safe, look for a wired product or slatted sides. This way, your companion will have a view of everything, and it will get used to your home, to you and your family, and the surroundings.

A mesh puppy pen is ideal for travelling or taking your companion to places. It is easy to carry, and it can be folded for easy storage. There are also plastic models, but your pup might think about chewing through them, which is not desired. This way, they can get out and the entire purpose of the pen is ruined. What you place inside the pen matters, but the key is to make sure your companion doesn’t use it to relieve itself. Otherwise, they will associate the pen with going outside.