The Importance and Benefits of a Cat Scratching Post
The Importance and Benefits of a Cat Scratching Post
Cats are adorable creatures, they are furry, fluffy, mischievous, and you will never get bored with them.

Cats are adorable creatures, they are furry, fluffy, mischievous, and you will never get bored with them. It is no wonder there are so many owners that choose them as companions. They do require a lot of supplies, care, love, and attention, but they also give so much back. Looking after a cat is not a difficult matter, as long as you have the necessary products in your home. A cat scratching post is essential, for their health and to protect your furniture.

Cat litter crystals are an alternative to classic cat litter used for the litter box. Cleaning after your feline should be as easy and as convenient as possible. This is not a very pleasant activity for pet parents, but it has to be done on a daily basis. So why not find a great product that works amazing and makes the job easier for you? These crystals absorb moisture and odor very well, and they are lighter to carry.

Why Buy a Cat Scratching Post

No matter what you do or how much you dislike it, cats will scratch. It is in their instinct and they do it to sharpen their claws, to mark their territory, to unwind, stretch their backs, and feel good. Maybe you notice how your kitty uses your furniture, sofa, carpets, and these actions can be avoided if you introduce a  cat scratching post to them. There are so many amazing models available, both horizontal and vertical, with toys attached to them, and sleeping beds, relaxation spots, and more.

There are many materials available for scratching posts, some more durable than others. For instance, cardboard is a popular choice, and kitties love it, because they can destroy it and really get their claws into it. However, it is not very durable, and posts have to be changed frequently. The good news is that they are affordable. On the other hand, sisal is the optimum choice, being highly durable and pleasant for the claws.

You can redirect your cat’s scratching from the furniture to the cat scratching post. This way, you save your belongings, and your feline can scratch in peace. To convince them to use the post, spray some catnip on it, or play with your kitty around it. Soon enough, they will gain interest, and if you have several cats, it can become their meeting spot. You can encourage their natural behavior, instead of punishing your kitty for scratching the sofa.

What Are Cat Litter Crystals  

When you search among pet shops for cat litter, you will also find cat litter crystals . At first, they seem strange, because they have a different texture and weight. However, they are silica gel crystals, much lighter than regular cat litter, and non-toxic. They produce almost no dust, which is always great news for allergy sufferers, and people who don’t like to find traces of dust all around the house.

As a responsible owner, you always care about your companion’s health, and you want to choose products that are safe and highly recommended. Crystals are completely safe for your feline, even if they are curious to give them a lick or some of them get caught in their paws. Because they don’t produce clumps, you only have to scoop out the solids. Liquids are absorbed quickly, and when it is time to change the litter box, the crystals change their color.

Great properties

Cat litter crystals eliminate odors, which means you don’t have to replace them quickly. The daily chore becomes easier to handle, and it will give you more time to sit back and relax. Some products are very durable, which means you need to change them only once a month. This is great news for your time, wallet, and for the planet.

Of course, if you have more than one cat, then you need more cat litter crystals, especially if you have several cat litters in the house. Some brands even add scent to the products, to make them smell nicer and cover up the bad smells. Color coded crystals will give you signs when it is time to change them, making the process a lot easier to handle.  


Many owners dread about the lifting and carrying of the cat litter, because packages are so heavy. Instead, cat litter crystals are lightweight, and your back will thank you. Since you have to replace them more rarely, it is even better. To add more convenience, consider online purchasing, and get the products delivered to your door. You will find many brands to choose from, great deals and special prices, so you can save money and clean after your kitty.

Online pet shops have a wider variety of products to choose from, which gives you the opportunity to pamper your feline as much as possible. You can purchase a cat scratching post, and give your kitty the freedom to scratch whenever they like. Take into account that the action is done daily, so the post will become their favorite item in the house. Especially when they wake up, kitties like to stretch and scratch.

Cat Scratching Post – an Essential Accessory

If you have the space and desire, you can buy more than one scratching post. This way, you can test what your kitty enjoys the most, what materials they prefer, height, if plain designs or with all sorts of accessories attached. Always make sure the post is sturdy and does not fall while it is being used. If it is wobbly, your feline will not like it, and more likely, will not even use it.

Some models available on the market are quite versatile, meaning they fit nicely in your household. Think about where you will place the post and make some room for it. Lure your feline around it, and soon enough you will see how it becomes very attached to it. There is no point in getting angry when you find your furniture scratched and destroyed, instead focus on buying high-quality scratching posts that redirect their behavior in the right direction.