Twitch viewer bot
Twitch viewer bot

The number 1 Twitch viewer bot available. Viewbotr is redefining how a twitch viewer bot usually works,

"Twitch viewer bot", a term that generally makes people shudder. The truth is, Twitch is riddled with viewer bots and everyone is trying to gain an edge. By using a viewer bot, you are now just levelling the playing field that is definitely Twitch, simply because all your favourite streamers and those people earning thousands of dollars per stream, I can virtually assure that they have been using a viewer bot sooner or later in time. Get much more data about  Twitch tools

There had been viewer bots ahead of Viewbotr and there will likely be viewer bots just after, but let me inform you a little bit secret about these companies, since they all have 1 issue in typical, they may be all constructed off with the identical "base" script and proxies. They might have rewritten their program in yet another language, created it more rapidly, created it much more efficient, but in the end on the day it still uses the identical method to connect to Twitch and provide that viewer. 

Essentially the most laughable ones would be the viewer bots online that use terms like "private vpn network" or "private servers" when detailing how they provide viewers. It's all total rubbish, what they truly imply is "we paid a little bit bit much more for dedicated proxies", but it doesn't matter! It does not matter since they Nevertheless connect the precise same way. They don't "connect" to a stream like a regular user would, for the reason that it's expensive to perform and it uses plenty of resources, which signifies it can be not price effective and it will not turn the "INSANE" profit like several of the legacy sites did (prior to they have been sued of course).

That's where Viewbotr methods in - not just are we streamers ourselves, but we're veteran developers...oh, and, we personal one in the biggest cloud network services on the web that does not obtain their resources from suppliers, oh no, we offer ourselves. Do you understand what that means? It implies that we are able to use as a lot server power as we really need to do whatever we want to do.

A lot of people will tell you that using a viewer bot is bad, it is morally wrong, you are gaining an unfair benefit or you’re gaming the system - we fully disagree. Do you know how straightforward it can be to get a viewer bot for subsequent to nothing in cost? So easy. That is why 90% of streamers are certainly, 100% using a bot in some kind or one more. Perhaps they need to have far more followers, so they invest in a follower bot. Perhaps they need additional chatters in their chat, so they obtain a chatter bot. It is definitely that simple, and for new streamers, it is a way of pushing the odds inside your favour and providing you that edge against the large quantity of new streamers that crop up everyday.

“BuT yOu CaNt GeT pArTnEr” you will hear them cry…also false. Possibly if you’re using one of these “big viewbot sites” which might be well-liked on Google, because as explained earlier, they use shady solutions at greatest. Then there’s the diehard believers that using a viewer bot will get you banned, I mean honestly, come on. You can't ban an individual due to the fact you Think they’re using a viewer bot, if that’s the case, I’d use a viewer bot on the largest streamers out of spite and get them banned. Wasn’t their fault, was it? So why need to they be punished. The only approach to get your self a ban for using a viewer bot is by giving Twitch proof that you’re undertaking it oneself, which signifies showing a viewer bot on your own stream and that’s just silly. Keep in mind when RiceGum did it? That is how you get your self a permaban.

But what regarding the fluctuation? Look, it happens. Bots fluctuate, real people fluctuate. If you have 10 people watching your stream and they’re all pulling their Internet from an ADSL Router using a 0.5Mbps download, they may be only going to be truly watching your stream on and off, which signifies the views would fluctuate. Positive it could look “fishy” or “bad”, but who cares? It gains you the edge, does it not? No one can really confirm it’s you performing it, and Twitch is continuously battling viewer bots so it’s going to fluctuate. There’s one site that supplies essentially the most “stable” bot out there, and they use dedicated proxies, and as a result of that purpose, you are only going to obtain about 50% of your viewers you basically requested and they’ll all drop off inside an hour or so due to the procedures they use and Twitch ban their little pool of dedicated proxies, then they've to add new proxies and post an announcement with some excuse that is a comprehensive lie.

To sum up; using a Twitch viewer bot is totally, categorically, the only way any small streamers are going to acquire a good jump on the system and get ahead on the competitors while Twitch nevertheless enable it. Oh, and do not get scared off by the emails where people happen to be refused partner. You know you’re not truly banned as a result of this? You get to apply once again within a month. In the event the viewer bot method is just not working out for you and you got declined partner, just quit using the bot and try once more next month. It’s truly simple. There’s practically nothing wrong with carrying out it the good ol’ fashion way, by any signifies, and I applaud you should you succeed by not gaming the Twitch system, you certainly deserve the results. But there’s also nothing incorrect with receiving somewhat assist, specifically when 90% of your competition are undertaking it too. 

I just want you to know, if you are reading this and searching at using a viewer bot, that those large streamers you see on Twitch suitable now gathering all of these viewers and earning all of that money, they’re far more than probably using a viewer bot. The only difference is the fact that they are producing a lot money from doing it, they could afford to utilize their own viewer bot…probably one they had produced, using proxies that no one else has access to and is costing them thousands to run. However they had to start someplace, suitable? 

So, give Viewbotr ago, in case you don’t like it you could fast. You’re not tied in to a contract with us, you won’t get your channel banned and also you won’t get in trouble. Test the waters, if it’s not your style then we’ll every go our separate ways, no inquiries asked and no really hard feelings. Delighted streaming!