Sleeping Positions To Get Rid Of Body Pains
Sleeping Positions To Get Rid Of  Body Pains
There are many people who are deprived of good sleep due to body pains. it can be due to poor sleeping position, that can cause neck pain, back pain, fatigue, muscle cramping, sleep apnea, poor blood circulation, insufficient oxygen supply, headaches, premature wrinkles, indigestion, and even heartburn.

Here are some of the best positions that can prevent body pains

  • Side position for neck and back pain-This position is considered to be the best way to prevent back and neck pain, because in this position your spine, legs are  in straight position and most importantly your breathing is also smooth so you are less likely to snore and also ideal for preventing acid reflux and have a good sleep.
  • Back position-This is by far the best position to sleep,because in this position your head, neck, and spine are all in relaxed position without any pressure. But take care to keep your head elevated by using pillows, to avoid acid reflux into your oesophagus, but the downside of this position is it tends to increase snoring, that can deprive you of proper sleep and advantage of  back sleep is it helps prevent wrinkles. These two positions are considered to be the best ways to avoid body pains the

Other positions of sleep include:

  • Free fall position is best for promoting digestion. It involves sleeping on your stomach with your head turned to one side and hands thrown upwards around the pillow. If you are suffering from back pain lying on your side with both arms positioned on your side scan help you relax, this position is called  log position and considered to effectively reduce back pain.
  • Another sleeping position called star fish position involves sleeping on your back with both arms up and curved on either side of your head and your legs are spread apart, this position is good to prevent acid reflux.
  • If you want to have a good night sleep, yearner position is great that  involves lying on your side with both arms in front of your body, this position gives you good sleep.
  • Fetal position is also very good for preventing body pains. Here the back is curved, the limbs are bent and pulled up towards the torso and the head is bowed, this position is good to prevent neck and head injury. This position is like a protective shell for all the vital organs and brain . But there are some concerns about having  joint pain and restricted breathing in this position.

ü If you are suffering from shoulder pain, try to sleep on the opposite side of your body to your painful shoulder, and use a pillow to help your sore shoulder. Place the pillow in the underarm area of your painful shoulder and to support your head place a pillow under your head to keep your upper body in a comfortable position. This helps keep your shoulder as comfortable as possible.

Apart from sleeping positions ,to get rid of body pains you have to give up unhealthy  habits and include exercise in your daily routine that 'll help your body to become more flexible and increase your stamina and relieve pains. Take up yoga or meditations that can help you sleep better and wake up with a fresh mind and lift up your mood and find the ways to sleep in a correct position that makes you feel comfortable, and gives you enough sleep, try out different positions and observe which sleep position helps you in preventing  body aches.