When is it necessary to hire a digital marketing agency?
When is it necessary to hire a digital marketing agency?
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When is it necessary to hire a digital marketing agency?

When you want to promote your plumbing marketing strategy to reach new audiences in other media or when you need to guide your brand strategy.

For it:

- You will need a team specialized in Plumbing Marketing strategies if you do not have an internal team.
- In case, if you have a digital marketing team, but the workload exceeds the available resources.
- When you want to have a second opinion through the audit of a digital marketing agency.

How to decide which digital marketing agency to hire?

Before hiring the first digital marketing agency you find or are recommended to you, you should:

1. Research and analysis of digital agencies:

Look for information and opinions about your clients and the results achieved. This research will give you knowledge about their methodology, experience, and trajectory in the sector. 

Use all the information available on the internet about the Franchise Marketing Agency: press releases, annual results, financial situation, success stories, managers, teams, and content on social networks. This information will allow you to obtain a complementary view of the company beyond the content of its website.

2. Request information and personalized proposal:

It is important that for this first contact to be productive, you share with the agency the most exhaustive briefing possible about your company, current situation, past campaigns, investment in marketing, competition, and estimated budget. 

This request will allow you to have an initial meeting or call with the sales manager to share all the questions that may arise about methodology, processes, and billing. In that meeting, it is advisable to ask about the team, their experience in your sector, and the tasks they carry out on a daily basis to find out if they fit your needs.

3. Know the culture and values ​​of the agency:

It is important to take into account the culture and values ​​of the agency to know if they are aligned with those of your company.

4. Request a personalized proposal:

During the process of presenting the proposal, it is important to assess both the capacity for analysis and understanding of the sector, as well as the creative ideas, as well as the feeling with the team, since it will be with whom you have to work. If these three points are positive, we will be before a finalist agency.

5. Budget and valuation:

Finally, you must assess the financial section and billing methodology, if it is a monthly or annual fee, for hours of service, an annual contract, etc. You must assess and analyze all the pros and cons of the Search Engine Marketing Company to be able to decide between the agencies that best suit your philosophy.