Put your business name on the map with the Gojek clone app
The on-demand multi-service industry has grown leaps and bounds since the advent of the pandemic.

With the rising number of people wanting to sit back at home as well as order services in came the Gojek app to fulfill the need and earned recognitions and immense profits. Jump on the bandwagon and earn stunning returns with the Gojek clone app.

Specially and exclusively designed to provide you with the benefits of the original and some added benefits of its own. Embrace the new normal and earn lucrative income with the Gojek clone app. The Gojek clone price depends on various factors like the number of features you desire, UX/UI design etc

What Gojek clone app entails

  • Android app for user

  • Android app for provider

  • Web panel for the service provider

  • Main website

  • Admin panel

  • Dispatcher panel

To gain the trust of the customers during these unprecedented times, you can follow the below-mentioned features to ensure the safety of your customers and your delivery personnel

  • Contactless delivery

  • Safety badge for stores

  • Take away

  • Safety instructions

The revenue model of the Gojek clone app

Earn revenue from

  • Subscription fees-which can either be paid annually or monthly.

  •  Through advertisements- charge advertisements a small sum of fee every time they place an ad on your app. 

  • Through commissions- every time a purchase is made through your platform, charge a small amount of money for making availing your platform to provide services to customers.


The on-demand multi-service industry is sure to succeed. Stake your claim in this industry by choosing an app development company that provides white-label and scalable solutions. Good luck!