Permanent or temporary lip filler?
Permanent or temporary lip filler?
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Permanent or temporary lip filler?

Lip augmentation or Lip Fillers Los Angeles is one of our most requested aesthetic medicine procedures because it serves to improve the appearance of the lips by adding volume and outlining or retouching their shape, providing greater beauty and sensuality to the face.

Lip contouring and filler augmentation can be performed in various ways:

- Through the use of filling substances whose duration of results can be temporary.
- Semi-permanent and permanent filler substances such as the use of autologous fat through facial filling. 
- Through a lip lifting cosmetic surgery procedure, cheiloplasty or Lip Lift. A great way to improve the shape and contour of your lips and reverse the signs of aging is through lip lift surgery.

If you're going for a temporary versus a permanent Dermal Fillers Los Angeles, or even a lip lift, you must choose a hyaluronic acid filler that has a reputation and "track record" for being safe and long-lasting; is a reference among temporary fillers.

Botox and filler are the same:

This is a very common myth. They are different procedures and also vary according to medical indications. In general, Botox is used to treat wrinkles that are formed by the action of the facial muscles; while the filler consists of injecting substances into the skin to give volume and correct depressions.

It is equally important to always make sure that you choose a professional with a degree in plastic surgery or a specialist in aesthetic medicine, who is sufficiently experienced with this procedure, and who uses a dermal filler of the highest quality.

- Make sure your doctor has a lot of experience with dermal fillers, and don't be afraid to ask how long he's been injecting them.
- Make sure that the product offered to you is approved. Ask to see the Best Lip Injections Los Angeles packaging before any lip augmentation treatment.
- Be very wary of “cheap lip augmentation deals” as they may be due to the use of lower quality and unsafe hyaluronic acid.

Did you know Lip Injections Los Angeles is the top treatment of celebrities? It is the hyaluronic acid treatment most used by stars, mainly on their lips. Wearing an attractive and perfect smile is a necessity for celebrities. Get in touch with us and know more about Best Botox Los Angeles. Certainly, this treatment will allow you to enhance the volume and contour of your lips.