How to Promote a More Positive Company Culture
How to Promote a More Positive Company Culture
A healthy and positive company culture is a must for any business to truly flourish. A robust company culture inspires teamwork and collaboration, greater productivity, and any number of additional benefits. Establishing and supporting that kind of company culture can involve events, fun, and meals outside of work. It should also involve personalized employee gifts for team members who excel. Here are a few more ideas.

A healthy, positive corporate culture is crucial for any business. If established and maintained, corporate culture can help improve performance, encourage engagement, and strengthen team relationships. It’s also critical for both attracting new talent and retaining your current workforce. Plus, it just makes everyone’s life a bit better while they’re at work. Strategies for promoting a robust corporate culture can be as simple as giving thoughtful appreciation gifts to team members who have excelled. Here are a few strategies to consider.

Encourage a Flexible Work Culture

Flexible work culture has become one of the top priorities for today’s workforce. It’s no secret why—flexibility simply makes life easier. Flexible work culture also has the additional benefit of letting your team members know that you trust them to manage their schedules and do their jobs. That trust can be attributed to greater loyalty, increased motivation, and stronger engagement. Establishing a high-trust company, in general, can also improve employee responses and productivity in pretty much every critical metric.

Acknowledge and Reward Excellence

It’s essential your company’s top performers and long-timers feel like their achievements and milestones are being recognized. Showing team members that their contributions are appreciated and acknowledged can be as easy as getting them a gift. Find something from a business that specializes in employee gifts and look for something that can be personalized and matches their interests. If they’re a techie, get them a power bank with an uplifting message. If they’re a connoisseur of spirits, get them a personalized decanter or Moscow Mule mug. Alternately, check out a selection of motivational and office posters. There is bound to be something that speaks to the high-achiever or long-timer in question.

Forge Bonds with Activities Outside of Work

The best-case scenario for a business is a workforce that is made up of friends as well as co-workers. Friendships between employees encourage more effective communication, collaboration, and can help reduce office conflicts. It also makes any business a more fun place to work. Often, the best way to forge those bonds of friendship and comradery is by setting up “extra-curricular” events and activities outside of the office. Those can be fun events like escape rooms, murder mystery dinners, or even an afternoon of axe throwing. However, even just taking the team out for dinner or drinks is often a successful option.

Engage with Team Members Honestly

The best way to know what is going on with your team members is to ask them. Make feedback sessions, reviews, or just communication sessions recurring events, perhaps weekly rather than annually. Employee well-being is an essential part of the good culture equation. That makes it a company culture priority to implement employee well-being programs as well as engaging on a team member’s work and workload. When employees feel trusted, supported, and that their employer is truly invested in their well-being, it doesn’t just improve engagement, but it can also create cultural brand ambassadors.

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