How to Deal Effectively With Dark Skin
How to Deal Effectively With Dark Skin
Naturally dark skin is as beautiful as any other skin color.

Naturally dark skin is as beautiful as any other skin color. The problem arises when the dark skin is caused due to pigmentation of any other skin type. This may be associated with different kinds of skin issues. This article aims to look at it and also pose proper solutions for it.

Problem 1

The most common issue is the formation of black pigmentation. When the skin is exposed to the UV rays of the Sun, it produces a substance called melanin. This is responsible for the protection of the skin. However, excessive and uncontrolled production of it can cause an accumulation in the uppermost layer. This is represented as dark spots which are also known as age spots. This gives the whole texture of the skin an unhealthy look as well. This is a common problem in tropical countries like India though. If you consult the best dermatologist in Delhi, they will tell you the same.


The best way to deal with the aforementioned condition is by using a cream that contains an adequate amount of Extrapone Nutgrass Root. It works in two different ways. Not only does it prevent extra melanin from forming on the skin, but it also removes the existing pigmentation that might be present already. Thus, it gives the skin a clear and bright look. The best skin clinic in Delhi is going to recommend this to you. There is another ingredient that has a similar positive effect on this skin condition. It is called Phytessence Wakame and it forms a layer over the skin which protects it from the harmful UV rays. It is recommended by the best skin specialist in Delhi as well.

Problem 2

The second common problem is the dryness of skin which causes grayish to black spots to form on the outer layer. It makes the skin look flakyand unhealthy.


The solution is to use a moisturizer that contains Avocado Oil and Manuka Honey. Both these ingredients have a good penetration capacity and can keep the skin hydrated. It also provides the necessary nourishment and helps to regenerate whatever old and dead skin with new ones.

Skin problems are a common occurrence in India. If you are suffering from the same you can consult the best skin doctor in Delhi and get the treatment done to get your glow back.

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