Gift Ideas to Recognize an Employee for Going Above and Beyond
Gift Ideas to Recognize an Employee for Going Above and Beyond
Do you know an employee who goes above and beyond what’s required of them? Team members like that are invaluable to any company, and they deserve to be recognized. However, the traditional Thank You card with a gift card won’t always cut it. Instead, get them employee gifts that match their interests. Find gadgets for the techie, snacks for the snacker, and other fun gifts for the people on your team.

Do you know an employee who consistently goes above and beyond their duties? Team members who are willing to go a step further are invaluable to any company, and they deserve to be rewarded for their commitment and diligence. Although a Thank You card with a gift card tucked into it is a fine gift, you should reward them with employee gifts they will truly appreciate. Here are five employee gift ideas for the different people on your team.

For the Writer or Note-Taker

If the overachieving team member in question is an aspiring writer or they simply like to take notes with pen and paper, gift accordingly with a classy soft-bound journal. Find a vendor of quality corporate gifts and look for a soft bound journal with a ribbon page marker, ballpoint stylus, and a motivation message included. Alternately, you could opt for a finely crafted pen complete with a gorgeous wooden box that can be engraved with a heartfelt personal note.

For the Techie

Team members who are more technically inclined tend to appreciate practical electronics and accessories. Indulge that preference with a pair of wireless earbuds in a charging case that features an inspiring message. You could also go with a power bank; they always come in handy, even for the non-techies. Class it up by getting your techie team member a personalized wooden power bank, complete with your message of support.

For the Snacker

Some people just love to snack throughout the workday. There is a wide variety of fun gifts that any snack-loving teammate is sure to appreciate. Those gifts include a tube of jellybeans or chocolate candy featuring an inspiring message. However, there are also more substantial options. For instance, consider a motivational soup mug complete with a soup spoon—perfect for when the weather gets colder.

For the Sci-Fi Buff

Motivational posters remain a reliable choice for employee gifts. In addition to the traditional motivation posters, consider gifting your sci-fi buff high-achiever a patent art poster. Patent art is a blueprint-style poster featuring a product or item and is designed to look as though it is being submitted for a patent. Along with familiar objects like sports equipment, computers, and electric guitars, there are also fanciful sci-fi-inspired options. Those options include characters, spaceships, and other items from a beloved sci-fi series.

For the Coffee Lover

When your star achiever team member is powered by coffee, choose practical gifts they’ll be sure to use—coffee accessories. A motivational coffee mug or tumbler is a classic option, but you can upgrade it with a tumbler in an attractive leatherette sleeve. You can find them with a matching leatherette bag, both of which feature a message of thanks. To make the gift even more meaningful, personalize it with a logo. Any fan of coffee will be glad to have it.

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