Dragon Ball Super: Broly: This is the incredible trailer in pixel art
Dragon Ball Super: Broly: This is the incredible trailer in pixel art
Gogeta SSGSS and the legendary Broly occupy an animation as unique as it is radiant

"Dragon Ball Super: Broly" marked a before and after in the cinematographic sector of the Akira Toriyama franchise . To date, the anime films had mostly occupied the role of OVA or as a summary of certain stages of the main story - this especially with the arrival of "Super" -, but this time a 'new' element was canonically introduced. : Brolly . Now, this tape has an incredible tribute to the height.

So, next we leave you with the trailer made by the artist and designer @Quint_es , who has used what is known as pixel art to capture the encounter between Gogeta SSGSS and the fearsome Broly like never before :

On the other hand, we will point out that the artist in question has much more of his work on Deviant Art , a website where you can find both designs referring to what is seen in the trailer and other additional "Dragon Ball" designs. Ultimately, @Quint_es clarifies that the creation of this video has been carried out as a result of the one year anniversary since the revelation of Gogeta for the feature film , and that everything that could be seen during the fifth official trailer is specifically represented. You can discover more Dragon Ball Pixel art templates at Pixelart123.

So, despite the fact that everything continues to be joy and interest regarding the franchise, the truth is that there is a clear question that must still be resolved: when will it resume its activity? Although for now there are no signs of anything, the proximity of Jump Festa as well as the comments of Vegeta's voice actor suggest that the silence towards the brand would soon be broken.