What your business needs from a website design service
What your business needs from a website design service
The below content is just the surface overview of some vast topics that will amplify your web presence.

According to a survey 70-80% of potential customers are lost to businesses that don't’ have websites. Your website is an aggregated platform that showcases your services, your business accomplishments, your contact details, and many attributes that are important from a customer’s point of view.

As per the web credibility research from Stanford, 75% of users admitted that they make judgments about a company's credibility based on their website's design. To amplify your website design game, you should always look for a professional website design company. The benefit of hiring them is the expertise they come with, which will help you out with every aspect of website building. There are certain factors to be considered while working with the web design team.

1. An Impactful Website- Your website is a reflection of your brand and how you want to persist with it. The site should be built as per the professional standards, content should be well researched and proofread to avoid conflict of thoughts with the user. Catchy images and videos should be uploaded so that the customer spends more time on your website and the attention of the customers remain undivided throughout the journey.

2. Interactive websites for that unmatched attention- User Experience (UX) plays a vital role in helping visitors to browse, understand and spend a long time on a website. While working with your web design agency, make sure to examine the website minutely to avoid any real-time glitches or errors that can demotivate users. Your site should have obvious, logical navigation with a defined hierarchy and should attract both, the searchers- ‘those who are searching for something and the browsers - ‘who are just looking’.

3. Mobile-Friendly Website- According to research done by Statcounter, show that in the UK, mobile and tablets combined account for 52.4% of the market share when browsing. It is equally important to have a mobile-friendly website as well as a desktop-optimized version. Because you never know what your next potential customer is using. Optimizing for mobile will help you in boosting both, user experience and SEO rankings.

4. Fresh and Quality Content- Content is the backbone of your website. Because that’s the part of the website that will motivate the user to spend some time on your site and might drive his intent. Keep your content fresh, succinct, and interesting. Use language that’s easy to understand and be clear with your thoughts. As the visitor has less attention span, you should keep your content creative and brief to make the piece noticeable.

5. Clear and Visible Call To Action- We know “Action speaks louder than words”. No matter how much your brand is talking in the streets, the only scalable and meaningful results are the conversion of leads into prospective customers and for that, it’s necessary for them to take action on our website. Make sure there should be enough CTAs to motivate users to take action on your website. Ask your website design service provider to include meaningful and clear CTAs throughout the website for better lead capturing.

6. Search and Web Social Optimized- Now, you have created an incredible website, but you are still finding it hard to gain visitors. Do you know why? Because your website might not be optimized for search and social web. Always make sure your website is optimized as per the SEO standards. There are hundreds of guidelines and parameters on which search engines index your websites and make them visible in search. Also, make sure you add enough social sharing buttons so that your website is present in the social traffic and can positively impact your search rankings.

The above content is just the surface overview of some vast topics that will amplify your web presence. If you wish to deep dive and want someone to shed more light on these points, kindly contact activ digital marketing. We will provide you with an elaborative and distinct approach to help you in building an effective and result-oriented website.