what is the best programming language to learn if you want to work with Blockchain?
what is the best programming language to learn if you want to work with Blockchain?
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Programming languages and Computer coding have simplified life for us. Whether it's cars, banks, home machines, or emergency clinics, each part of our lives relies upon codes. Blockchain Development Company No big surprise, coding is one of the center abilities expected by most well-paying position today. Coding abilities are particularly of worth in the IT, information examination, research, web planning, and designing portions.

Types of languages

Programming languages ​​​​are often the best for software development because they can be used on multiple platforms and are often compiled rather than interpreted. Most programming languages ​​​​are intended for software development, that is, for developing programs that you download and run on your device.

Scripting languages ​​are usually interpreted, which means that your code is executed on the fly rather than going through a compilation process within a program. Web development languages ​​are usually scripting languages.

Markup languages ​​are not exactly programming languages, but they are used for web development. They are human-readable tags used to format a document. An example of these languages ​​is HTML and CSS.

Web development languages ​​​​are specialized in creating websites, either on the frontend or on the backend.

Frontend (or client-side) languages ​​modify a website in the user's browser. For example, clicking something on the website and producing an animation would be the result of frontend programming like JavaScript. It is usually a combination of all the above languages.

Backend (or server-side) languages ​​modify a site from the server or application layer. For example, submitting data from a form or changing something in the database is backend programming.

Keep in mind that many people use "programming languages" to designate all languages ​​together. A scripting language can be said to be a specialized programming language, but not all programming languages ​​are scripting languages.

What is the best programming language?


Python is one of the most popular and most used languages ​​in the world , in fact it leads all the rankings together with Javascript.

On the one hand, Python is very simple, but that does not imply that it is a language that sticks to very basic things . You can do incredibly advanced stuff, but to learn it's easy, skip the curly brace, semicolons, and various things that other languages ​​have.

When you read python it's like reading basic English, besides, its field of action, its job opportunities, are and will be very great , since you can do from web development on the back-end side, like computer security, you can also do science of data, everything that is big data or get into machine learn or Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Javascript has a peculiarity and it is that you don't need to install anything to use it because with having a browser you can use it to learn programming. If you right click and hit “inspect” , an option called console opens in your browser and there you can start writing and doing your programming exercises.

JavaScript syntax is simple and has progressively been simplified even more, elements such as semicolons that could be complicated have been eliminated. Nowadays it is almost a standard in all browsers.


SQL, or Structured Query Language, is very different from other programming languages ​​​​in that it cannot be used by itself for website or application development.

This means that SQL is hands down the best programming language to learn if you want to build a career in consumer data analytics. SQL can be a complementary skill if you already work as a front-end engineer.

4. Swift

Swift has become one of the growing programming languages. It was released in 2014 and is now the language of choice for many uses of iOS, Mac, Apple Watch and even web programming. It was designed to allow programmers to write software that is fast, stable, and secure.

Swift is based on 3 fundamental principles:

Security – Swift was built on security and protection. Reduces the risk of potentially serious developer errors.

Speed ​​: As a replacement for Objective-C and other C-based languages, Swift should be compared when it comes to performance.

Expressiveness – Swift offers clear and predictable syntax that is easy to use.


Kotlin has been developed as an alternative to Java. It addresses a number of problems inherent in the Java language, and is starting to become a favorite language of many Android devices.

Concise: means that you will be able to write less code to achieve the same result. There is less room for errors and your programs will be more compact.

What makes a programming language stand out?


Versatility means that they can be used for a wide range of applications , which means developers who master them will always be in demand. There are languages ​​like TypeScript, Java, Go, and Python that are not reducible to one use case.


Sometimes a language is popular instead, because it is in demand for its unique use cases. For example, Solidity is very popular for its use in smart contract development, while SQL is essential for anyone who wants to learn to do analysis with consumer or sales data.

easy to use

Some of the most used programming languages ​​in 2021 are popular for their ease of learning and use. For example, the development of Swift by Apple has made iOS programming much easier. Although it was released in 2014, Swift has seen rapid adoption, replacing Objective-C in iOS development. In the same way, Rust makes programming systems very easy, leading to its huge rise in popularity in recent years.

Support of the main platforms

A language can be the most versatile and easy to use, however, if it is not adopted and supported by major platforms such as iOS, Google and Android, it will most likely not succeed.

We have seen what the different types of languages ​​are, the characteristics that must be taken into account to consider a good language and we have presented a list where you can find the best programming language according to your preferences.