What is Influencer Marketing?
What is Influencer Marketing?
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Influencer marketing is not an emerging concept as big names tend to spend tremendous budgets by hiring celebrities to promote their products for decades. Digital Marketing has implemented the same concept on social channels; hence a new marketing type of influencer marketing has come up. The content creators on social platforms are the influencers among the audience hired by the brand to promote their product for brand awareness.

Brands may have to trust influencers to manage content. It's important to select the right influencer for your brand. Marketers must make an effort to find authentic and subtle content from influencers, rather than promotional posts. Brand and influencer settle on the following terms:

·         Sponsored posts about your brand or product can be paid for a fee to the influencer

·         To get a review, offer the influencer a free product or a discount on merchandise

·         To have posted about your brand or product, give the influencer access to exclusive products and important information.


Different types of influencer marketing:

·         Giveaway competitions

Influencers can showcase your product via unboxing videos on their Youtube channels or Instagram accounts. This is a great way to get it in front of their followers at a low cost.

Influencers may receive a lot of exclusive products and freebies. They spend one day a week unpacking their gifts on social media, thanking the brand for sending them, writing reviews, or using them on the platform.

To increase engagement on the competition side, you can add engagement instructions as a condition for participating in the contest. Here are some suggestions:

Ø  Like the post

Ø  Follow

Ø  Sharing the content

Ø  Generating original content


·         Collaborations

Many brands have collaborated with influencers to create products and content. This is common in the beauty and fashion industry, where influencers create their own line of accessories or clothing under the brand. Example: James Charles collaborated with Morphe to launch their own Eyeshadow palette. 

·         Sponsored content

Sponsored content is a popular marketing strategy. In order to reach influencers, brands contact them to inquire if they are willing to endorse their products or services. Based on the channels of influencers you have compromised, the final product can often be an image, video or blog post that showcases your products or services. Many campaigns begin with the brand sending an influencer a summary of the campaign that contains guidelines and requirements. It's important to allow your influencers creative freedom. They know how to engage their audience best.

·         Shoutout & Reviews:

Influencer marketing techniques that include reviews include a brand offering its products or services for free to an influencer or writing a review in return. This video may inspire you if you have seen any unboxing videos. These videos are premised on the idea that the influencer has not seen or used the product before and they are testing it out on camera. Many web personalities have made a name for themselves reviewing cosmetics products. These individuals may receive these products through other channels than an influencer marketing partnership.