What is AIDA in Marketing
What is AIDA in Marketing
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Marketers aim to create attention towards the brand and ultimately boost their sales. According to the AIDA communication model, there are 4 stages

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

The marketers need to educate the public about the product and services of the brand. This phase is called the creating the brand's identity among the audience. For this purpose, different strategies and campaigns are planned and executed among the public. i.e new superstore is launched in your country. The awareness among the audience is created through Traditional media (print ads, BTL activities etc) along with a presence on a social media campaign.

As these campaigns are carried out, they create curiosity among the consumers. Generating interest in the benefits of product or service offered, and sufficient interest to encourage the buyer to start to research further. The audience is eager to know more about the newly launched store by finding out the offers this superstore offers. This is USP unique selling point of the brand.

After the initial campaign, the product and service should be so attractive that the audience should not only like it but also want it. Here the role of marketer plays a vital role. His strategy and content should be so effective and attractive that the customer should try them. The superstore offers buy 1 get 1 offer. Collaboration with food chain discount coupons of that particular chain on purchase a certain amount of money.  

The customer's taking action and purchasing the product is the final result. Here the marketer has played his role and customer service should be excellent to maintain the customer. In addition to the purchase, registering for a newsletter, requests for a brochure or other forms of responsive action are active forms of action. When data of potential customers (leads) are known, it is much easier to land them as paying customers. New exciting promotions and offers being shared with clients on a regular basis will help them retain the client.