Come and play with fleeing the complex right now
Come and play with fleeing the complex right now
Fleeing the Complex is a fantastic escape game.

Fleeing the complex

Possesses an extremely attractive plot, design the character a simple but equally funny way through each scene. That is fleeing the complex game. Fleeing the complex is a escape game, create a feeling of comfort, relaxation but also full of drama, with vivid images and sounds. Are you confident to help the character escape successfully?

If you've ever loved the movie Prison Break, you'll definitely be swept up in the challenge of fleeing the complex. Join now fleeing the complex to see how your intelligence is through a series of unique thinking puzzles.

Somewhere in a faraway land, where snow-capped mountains all year round the sea, a prison was built with the utmost care and guard to hold dangerous criminals. It is The Wall prison - the home of the most evil and intelligent criminals from every corner of the world. And this prison just received a new prisoner named Henry.

In the game, you will play the stick guy Henry, implementing a successful prison escape plan. This guy will have to go through many layers of security and the careful watch of the guard staff. In each scene, you will have several options to bypass the guard or safely pass the obstacle. Of course, each choice will lead to a different ending, be it failure or success.

However, if you make the wrong choice, you absolutely have a chance to choose again to continue your journey. The choices that lead to a “FAIL” result are far more numerous than successful.

The characters in the game are designed quite simply with skinny stick guys, the main color is black and white. However, the game is still extremely attractive thanks to the action sequences that lead to funny and interesting results.

Your mission is to help Henry run away from the most dangerous criminals by breaking through the walls. 

When starting the game, options will appear on the screen. There are 4 options  

- Boost Up: After discovering there is a trapdoor in the ceiling, Henry asks Ellie to take him there through a vent.

- Charge Tackle: Henry attacks Grigori and rushes to the end of the corridor in an attempt to escape the wall.

- Waiting for Transfer: Henry is moved to another cell, he can communicate with allies via phone and use tools that allow him to escape.

- Play Dead: Pretended to be dead in the hope of fooling the guards and getting out of the prison.

You will choose the right actions to help Henry overcome the guards.

You can sneak past guards, pass checkpoints or use weapons to fight. Get the truck keys and get out of here. 

How to play:

The player has the option to use the appropriate tools and actions on the screen

You can avoid guards by sneaking around them, busting through checkpoints, or battling with a weapon. Get your truck keys and get out of here. Make the best decisions possible to get out of jail!

Characteristics of fleeing the complex

Fascinating, interesting, dramatic