Interview with Ken Mills, CEO at IntelliSite | AI TechPark
Interview with Ken Mills, CEO at IntelliSite | AI TechPark
Ken Mills, CEO at IntelliSite

Ken Mills, CEO at IntelliSite talks about analyzing customer behavior and the importance of IoT in bringing change.

1. Tell us how you came to be the CEO at IntelliSite. How much of your typical day is involved in innovating tech for your customers?

I have been very fortunate to be a part of a number of start-ups inside big companies like Cisco, EMC, Dell and VMware. I really enjoy creating new solutions, building teams, building new routes to market, etc. My last start-up inside Dell Technologies grew to be over 1B in revenue over 6 years and was focused on safety & security, edge computing, and computer vision. I learned so much from my time at Cisco and Dell Technologies and made many lifelong friends, but I always had this pull to get outside the big company, lead a smaller company and build something valuable. DFW Capital approached me in early 2020 about just that. DFW was looking to invest in IntelliSite, which was led by two amazing brothers Mario and Jorge Campos. Mario and Jorge had built a growing company that was profitable and had zero debt. They had a vision to grow even faster and looked to DFW to provide the capital to achieve that growth. This is where I came in. I met with Mario and Jorge, and we hit it off right away. 

2. What are the applications or rather opportunities you seek to have with your product?

At IntelliSite, we are very fortunate to be focused on some of the most innovative and growing segments in technology. We are really excited to be developing and delivering solutions for Healthy Living, Smart and Safer Communities, Connectivity, and Artificial Intelligence.

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