Why App Retention Had Been So Popular Till Now?
Why App Retention Had Been So Popular Till Now?
People grew up with a variety of App strategies of all kinds; so generally, when the popular strategy is illustrated they can’t assist but have eager to check it out, which is what actually happened with App Retention.

It is known fat that Retention habit formation is the best way to grow an app. Moreover, the App growth is no longer about getting as many downloads as possible.

You have some reasons for this and one, it’s costly. The user Acquisition costs are getting higher all the time. In addition, UA is also an investment in time and energy. They are a waste of valuable resources to get users and highly increase downloads if they’re just going to churn before even finishing a full event in the app.

These days more developers are actually realizing that the focus needs to immensely shift to engaging users and greatly increasing the stickiness factor in order to be popular and successful. In order to do this, an app requires building habit formation with the user. You have an example of the Hook model for an app that comprises 4 key components namely as Trigger (internal and external), Action, Reward, and Investment.

Why Many Successful Apps are Sticky

It is elaborated that the stickiness of a product is how memorable it is, how much it resonates and how actually often a person goes back to it how much it sticks. At best App Marketing Agency, they have seen people that rank really well in the app store but without sticky products and they could not monetize it.

More precisely the Apps need to nail down retention Day 1 in order to build good habit formation and stickiness; so thereby then once people are hooked, psychologically, they would get to purchase events and finally commit to a purchase. In case if they’re not hooked and primarily reaching that purchase stage, adeptly keeping an app in business is a hard or uphill battle.

Just think about some of the most popular successful and attractive apps out there namely Candy Crush, Duo Lingo these are familiar products that people adore and tell others about. Primarily they are apps that people use on a regular basis and also keep coming back.

Have each category is unique and needs its own approach to optimal retention. The Average Retention Day 1 and 30 look different for a dating app than they do actually for a shopping app. App retention has rapidly become a vital factor.

You can achieve a 40% increase in App retention

When searching for how to ameliorate retention, you require looking at the full taxonomy. Analyzing the quantitative data is a huge part of it but so does the qualitative conducting a UX audit, adeptly analyzing the onboarding flow, wholly examining the psychological pricing and so much on. Interestingly it’s connecting the dots and mapping out how to fix it next with the relevant product team.

For one of the App Marketing Agency game app clients, Gobsmax. They experienced splendid Retention Day 7 and 30 but most users weren’t actually getting to that level. Their main problem was their Day 1 retention. In order to fix this problem, App Marketing Agency gave these recommendations:

  • You can cut down the number of taps to reach the first action of the game
  • Train the user new game mechanics at the right time (not all upfront)
  • Go for Uninterrupted gameplay, particularly at the beginning
  • You can introduce achievements
  • Offer feedback loop
  • Must vary daily rewards
  • Integrate Gamifying the game even more through mini-games (game within a game)

Finally, the end result was a 40% increase in retention day1. In order to get these results, it wholly takes open-mindedness. The users must be willing to acknowledge that a huge overhaul might be necessary, are actually willing to make changes to the product or to trust and work with data and analytics.

Know how Duolingo gets users strongly hooked

It is elaborated that how the Duolingo app did accomplish and what they are doing right when it comes to app user retention. Primarily Duolingo sends him 4 push notifications per day. For so many, that might sound annoying. But for actually Fouad, who is regarded as a “power user,” this is just exactly the motivation he requires to keep him going.  Moreover, a notification that reads you are missing a daily streak which gives him that competitive push to open the app and finish another step. Precisely this approach works since he’s completed a full 100-day streak that’s 100 days without actually missing a single day.

To be pragmatic and not spammy, push notifications are primarily sent based on segmenting users. There are few people that are active users and have paid a subscription and you like to keep them on the product. There are other segments like namely early adopters, relevant casual users, or dormant users that aren’t utilizing the app anymore. Thereby Push notifications to require to be sent in a systematic way based on specific flows.

Duolingo also adeptly masters gamification and a social factor as retention strategies. The users get rewarded for their app use. Also, they name their achievements to actively motivate users to keep logging in and immensely reach the next level.

More so the users also get placed into “leagues” with other randomized users. In case if a user doesn’t keep up, they are actually at risk of getting demoted out of the league. By using these elements in place, it’s vivid to see how a user could get primarily hooked. So App retention has become an important component.

Check out and Know when you’re hitting or missing your goals

You have many things that need to be measured with analytical tools like Firebase. The top way to know if you’re succeeding is to measure if you’ve hit your retention Day 1, 7, 30 goals and finally achieve the transaction.

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