How to Create a Fitness App: Steps, Facts, and Numbers
How to Create a Fitness App: Steps, Facts, and Numbers
Nowadays there is a wide variety of game developers and app developers on the whole. I think people can already develop everyting that comes to their minds. Therefore, each game becomes more and more interesting and has more downloads. It is necessary to mention that fintess apps have become an interesting alternative to mobile gaming apps, therefore developers has started to think about how to develop a fitness app that will be downloadable in large volumes.

However, there is another one factor that increased an attention to development of such apps. It is Coronavirus. This pandemic forces people to stay at home. Many face these problems: how do I stay fit? How do I keep my weight? How do I remain active when gyms and fitness studios are closed? There is a solution: fitness apps. Fitness apps help both fitness businesses and their clients strive even during pandemic times. The number of fitness application users is growing. The market is expected to be worth USD 3.4 billion in 2020. Development of fitness apps has already become a hot topic. New apps are published on app stores to help users with their specific needs. This article will give an outlook on how to create a fitness app, on how fitness app development works and much more interesting information. 

At first, it is necessary to mention that there are many factors that influence success of fitness app. They are:

  • Most popular fitness app types
  • How to make a fitness app (Development roadmap)
  • Essential fitness app features
  • Most important fitness app development trends
  • Typical app development costs

Let's focus on application development cost, as it can vary significantly. In general, the total costs include such features, as: 

  • Number of screens, controls and fields
  • Types of supported devices
  • Security
  • Number of supported languages
  • Supported OS versions
  • Screen orientation modes

So, what about the app development process? Let's get acquainted with it.

In general, it consists of such steps as: selection of app development provider, defining of application scope, contract signing, fitness prototype creation, development and testing of the first version of an app, publishing it in the app stores and defining the type and guarantee support for this app.  

Finally, it is necessary to mention that such type of apps as fitness ones remain in people's phones for a long time. Moreover, number of people using such type of app grows every day. 

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