Main Ingredients of SEO for Successful Digital Marketing
Main Ingredients of SEO for Successful Digital Marketing
Buzztag helps entrepreneurs and services industries win the race and pioneer the digital marketing company in Pune. One needs to embrace exceptional habits of marketing.

Buzztag helps entrepreneurs and services industries win the race and pioneer the digital marketing company in Pune. One needs to embrace exceptional habits of marketing. Buzztag assists you in reaching new heights in the advertising industry. We are a mixed team of integrity and creativity, and we help you optimize your business by working on the level of marketing intensively. Now let’s pierce into and see how to win the game of engendering the highest traffic search.

Word SEO(Search Engine Optimization) might sound confusing, but it is straightforward and easy to understand. SEO helps generate traffic from organic searches, keywords, and paid searches. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in attracting high traffic to your website, especially surging up the organic search traffic. SEO is catching fire at the rate of digital marketing. All businesses and professions have used SEO company in kharadi, be it niche companies, executive companies, Restaurants, or any job.

What is organic traffic?

organic traffic

Organic traffic or organic search means every time a visitor directly lands on your website after searching on any search engine such as Google or  Microsoft Bing. Organic traffic can be quickly grown by targeting more customers and giving them relatable content they are curious. Removing outdated content and posting relevant content is another crucial factor in establishing organic traffic. In addition, understanding the customer history pattern and reasons behind the bounce rate can aid in studying the customers’ behavior. Through feedback and chat bots, companies can recognize customers’ behavior. By learning, they can fill the gap and motivate the users to use the services and products offered by the company.

How to analyze consumer behavior?

Marketers should deeply analyze customer behavior to understand how they think, their feedback (might be positive or negative), and their likes and dislikes after using the services. Then, customers  can be ruled in the SEO field in some ways:

  1. Audience segmentation: segment your audience based on their age and purpose of using or buying the product/service.
  2. Audience Insight: audience insight tools find the needs and motivations of the customer.
  3. Analyze the results: Set a benchmark for your output, then compare the generated results to that. Keep a race with yourself, which means trying to be ahead of your latest developments in business. Take a deep analysis of the survey being held on the customers, acknowledge the results data chart, to analyze the audience etiquette.

Google Analytics:

Google launched a service in 2007 called google analytics that keeps track of and monitors traffic. Google analytics tool is free for site owners to glimpse how much time a visitor is spending on the website, several time the site is visited, quires, organic traffic paid traffic, bounce rate, keywords searched that generates organic search, then, later on, interpret the information to implement changes in marketing and campaigning strategies.

google analytics

Four pillars of SEO:

Content SEO: it is informative content in the form of posts, case studies, images, and video content. Content is valuable for increasing user experience.

Technical SEO: Technical SEO refers to indexing and crawling your website to improve your rankings. Technical SEO optimizes the following elements of the website:

Page load speed: how fast your page is loaded on the user’s device directly controls your google SERP. 0-4 sec is the ideal loading time for the website.

Navigation: users scroll on your website in search of content or service. This process of searching and looking on the website is called navigation.

On-site SEO: optimize your URL and tag lines: To achieve higher google ranking and web traffic, it is indispensable to acknowledge the elements present on the website.

Website elements are:

  1. Keywords: Keyword is an index term; keywords are the relevant words and phrases a user types or searches in the search query. Through these keywords, a user lands on your website either by organic or paid search.
  2. URLs: URLs or page titles should be attractive, simple, and illustrative. Once again, keywords are used in URLs, and short-length URLs are easy to share and mobile-friendly.
  3. Images and visual content: pictures and videos communicate directly and smoothly to the customers, directly impacting their buying decision. To enhance users’ experience and visibility on google, share high-resolution, well-labeled images and videos that keep your audience engaged with you.

Off-site SEO: Off-site SEO supports your website by link building and escalating page speed and reviews.


A Digital marketing firm can withstand all the ups and downs of the market alone if it has sturdy our pillar of SEO. Optimize your website rankings and bring it to the top search of google searches by understanding and boosting your SEO strategy.