Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire Advice for Beginners
Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire Advice for Beginners
As a novice player in Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire , you may not know what to focus on, so I have a few suggestions for you.

Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire Advice for Beginners

Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire is a real-time strategy war game developed by Long Tech Network Limited. The backstory of the game is that the player's town is destroyed by an invasion from the Eastern Dynasty, and the leaders of this attack are the Death Harbingers, who have now corrupted and fully controlled the ancient power of the dragon. It is imperative that you rebuild your town and make it strong again while battling the invaders.

Game focus


The building mechanics in this game are very simple, you just need to select the structure you want to build from the "build" menu and then choose a feasible location to place the building. You can find various buildings in the game, and each building has its own function. In addition to building new buildings, you can also upgrade buildings already built. Although initially, the area you can use is very limited, just a very small area. But you can expand your territorial boundaries by completing developmental milestones such as main chapter quests, and you can always click on a locked area to see what it takes to unlock more territories.

population growth

Population is an important metric in your town building, most of your progress in this game will be limited by population, and only when your population reaches a certain amount, you can upgrade your castle.

Population is determined by the number and level of houses you own, and the amount of beer and food in the tavern. So you need to provide enough inhabitants to increase your population limit, i.e. build new houses and upgrade your existing houses. After your resident limit increases, you also need to entice them by having enough beer and food in your tavern. Only then will your population grow.

Chapter tasks

Chapter quests are there to help you when you forget what to do at a particular time. You can find Chapter Missions at any time at the bottom left of the screen, which will give you a list of objectives that you can currently complete. So when you're overwhelmed, be sure to check out the chapter tasks and complete them as much as possible.


If you want to show your extraordinary strategy and strategy, come to Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire , rebuild your empire from the ruins, train your troops, tame dragons, recruit legendary heroes, and join your allies Take part in endless wars!

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