Golf Rival , a classic real-time multiplayer online golf game
Golf Rival , a classic real-time multiplayer online golf game
Golf Rival is a multiplayer online golf game that is loved by golfers all over the world. The specific gameplay is described in detail below.

mobile game developed by Zynga Inc. , which is loved by golfers all over the world with its simple gameplay and realistic physics. The game features more than 30 epic golf themes and more than 300 beautifully designed courses, each of which offers players a different type of golf battle experience. Real-time multiplayer online, allowing players to challenge top golfers anytime, anywhere and demonstrate superb skills.

Game play introduction

In Golf Rival , players simply swipe and release to swing the club for the perfect shot. The game is divided into 2 modes: real-time and tournament. Real-time 1v1 mode allows players to compete against opponents around the world at any time, winning matches to earn chests and upgrade golf clubs and balls. Tournament mode can meet the ambition of the majority of players to become golf champions.

The balance bar is the most critical and important part of the game, it helps the player to improve the accuracy of the shot, only when the bar is in the middle of the shot will the ball reach the desired point. The player first needs to drag the ball under the circle and then try to balance the moving rod. If the player drags the ball out of the circle and balances the bar when hitting the ball, the ball will travel 15-20 yards more , so this requires perfect timing to be successful . When the player is aiming the ball at the furthest point, the bounce of the ball should also be considered , the bounce depends on the type of ground , so if it's a rough surface, the ball will not only bounce but even change direction.

here are two ways to end the game, the first is the defensive way , the player needs to try to close the distance between the hole and the ball, and then take another shot to complete the game. The other is offensive , in which the player has to make a hole -in-one as soon as he has the opportunity to hit the ball .


If you are a golf lover, then I suggest you must try Golf Rival ! I believe the lush green golf course and realistic gameplay in the game will surely be loved by you. For more mobile game content, check out the big game download and guide website,