T-Shirt Design Trends in 2021-22: How Many of These Have You Tried?
T-Shirt Design Trends in 2021-22: How Many of These Have You Tried?
Screen Printing is one of the oldest printing methods among all modern-day printing methods.

Screen Printing is one of the oldest printing methods among all modern-day printing methods. It is one of the most trending printing methods. The prints obtained through screen printing are crisp, durable, and can withstand multiple washes for a long time. This suggests that screen printing is bound to stay in-trend in the upcoming years.

The US’s custom screen-printing market size is expected to be $7.9bn with a growth percentage of 1.8% in 2021. With companies conceptualizing and implementing new ideas, the T-shirt design trends of 2021 look unique and personalized. It represents a broad spectrum of artistic capabilities, including creative designs, thoughtful logos, customized designs, trending quotes, etc. The designers’ artistic abilities and creativity helped many individuals, communities, and social movements worldwide.

In this day and age, customers can get whatever they want on their t-shirts. Modern-day technology provides a creative outlet to the customers where they can express themselves freely and safely. Hence, the question goes: Are you prepared to provide everything they want? Are you aware of all the trending t-shirt colors, latest t-shirt design ideas, and trends? There’s no need to panic because we have exactly what you need! Here are the 15 newest t-shirt design trends for the upcoming years. Ready to inspire the world with your t-shirt design ideas? Let’s dive in!

1. Luminescent Prints/ Neon Prints

Luminescent prints are the holographic designs that have become exceedingly popular in the past few years. Luminescent colors with futuristic concepts bring a mixture of fantasy and reality to the designs.

Most fans of psychedelic and dreamscape themes prefer these prints for parties and gatherings. The psychedelic bands’ logos are also luminescent and contribute to a wide variety of designs. As it becomes popular, more and more people are adopting the prints.

2. Famous Quotes and Sayings

A lot of people want their t-shirts to say things boldly and clearly. Being able to stand for something without saying a word is the bold choice that customers are willing to make. Especially after living in a world where keeping distance has become necessary and conversations have become limited.

If your apparel is advocating for a cause, be it social, political, environmental, etc., this category will sell itself. Plus, it gives you a huge variety of ideas. You can categorize these quotes and sayings into various subcategories and increase your offerings.

3. Black and White Prints

Black and white are two of the most trending t-shirt colors. Especially when these two classic colors are together in an interesting design, they are sure to top the market. The contrast creates a huge appeal.

Letters in the white spacing or bold black color contrast contribute to creating a head-turner effect. It may not be a new trend, but is popular right now and has a good future scope. One advantage of offering black and white print is that it is fast and cost-effective.

4. Personalized T-shirts

Perhaps the biggest gift you can give your customers is letting them create their own designs. If they can design their own products in a hassle-free manner, you’re sure to get good word-of-mouth publicity. Customers love things made just for them and exactly how they want. Self-designed products are a great way to make customers happier and to keep them engaged. In a recent study, Deloitte found that 1 out of every 5 customers is willing to pay 20% more for a personalized product exclusively designed just for them. Another study on creating customer loyalty through customization states that:

“Offering customization increases perceived service quality, customer satisfaction, customer trust, and ultimately customer loyalty toward a service provider.”

Offer your customers personalization options, let them upload photographs, write personal messages, add designs of their choice to their products, and so on. Customer experience finds value through exclusivity in the form of customized products. It gives them the feeling of something unique and something specific that works just the way they want.

To offer product personalization to your customers, you will need web-to-print software with diverse features. There are a number of such software available in the market and it is essential to choose the right one. Ideally, most tools provide a massive library of images, texts, clipart, and ready templates. Pick a tool that gives you full control over its offerings and flexibility.

Brush Your Ideas is one such tool. It understands your business feasibility and provides a custom UI for you to control, where your customers can perform customizations. Plus, it offers multiple integrations and can work with multiple platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Shopify, PrestaShop, PHP, and more.

5. Doodle Artwork

Doodle artwork adds more playfulness to people’s lives and in their wardrobe. You can offer doodle designs that are very easy to implement. You can make the designs in thin lines, wavy lines, different colors, and sizes, etc. Doodle artwork comes straight out of imagination. Whatever you imagine, you can implement in the designs. Start imagining and print it on the merch!

6. Superheroes and Comic Characters

Nowadays comics like Marvel and DC are growing in popularity. They have now become a part of many people’s lives. In fact, we can already see the growing demand for superhero themes like Iron-man, Batman, Superman, and so on. The t-shirt demands for all the Marvel characters saw a great peak after the release of the latest Avengers movie.

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You must have seen those Captain America’s Shield t-shirts or the Star Wars t-shirts in the market. Therefore, we believe this is going to reach a new height. In the future, we are likely to see more superhero prints not just limited to the t-shirts but also, on backpacks, water bottles, mugs, and more.

7. Science Theme

Science may be complicated for real, but it is fun too. The last few years have seen an increasing demand for T-shirts with scientific quotes on them such as the Heisenberg’s principle, Newtonian laws, scientific jokes on Schrödinger’s cat and so on.

This category may also include various dialogues and sayings from popular scientific TV shows, movies, and documentaries such as The Big Bang Theory, The Cosmos, Breaking Bad, Star Wars, etc. This can also have a subcategory of space-themed t-shirts.

Space is all about exploration, discovery, and infinite possibilities. They’re popular too, and we believe they’ve set their place in fashion and are not going to vanish any soon.

8. 80’s and 90’s Prints

Vintage t-shirts are not for everybody, but those who love them know how much it means to have a t-shirt with the ’80s or ‘90s theme. These t-shirts generally look vintage in both appearance and print. Faded t-shirts are in demand nowadays and are supposed to stay that way in the coming years.

So, now is the correct time to adopt these designs. This will also increase your offerings in softer shades as they make the t-shirts look more genuinely vintage. It is a great opportunity for discharge inks in a screen-printed t-shirt to get a worn-out look.

9. Abstract Painting Prints

T-shirts with abstract paintings and design have had a whole market of their own for quite some time. People prefer abstract paintings and renaissance art on their t-shirts. These patterns usually attract attention. Nowadays, many t-shirt entrepreneurs offer abstract paintings, text, and logos on various parts of the t-shirt, such as on the sleeves, pockets, neckline, etc.

10. Typography

Typography is the art of arranging letters and text to create designs and make them look clear, legible, and visually appealing. Typography involves various font sizes, styles, colors, and appearances that aim to elicit certain emotions and convey specific messages. There are multiple types in which you can offer typography-based theme t-shirts to your customers.

•    Handwritten Typography

Handwritten typography brings a distinctive tone to your designs. You can hand-draw letters that can be funky, retro, bold, formal, and so on. You can have full-flexibility while creating the designs. You can also mix and match letters to make it look different.

•    Bold Letters Print

Bold letters offer a simplistic design to all the trending t-shirt colors. Typographical bold prints with quotes symbolize strong rebellion. These street-style designs will hit the runway before you know it. The best part about these designs is that it uses up less ink and lessens production costs. Plus, it brings out the wearers’ style.

•    Multi-Colored Typography

Multi-colored typography lets you offer various trending t-shirt colors in one design. You can create a text design with some of the most trending t-shirt colors like blue, black, red, orange, yellow, and so on.

The color palette sets the mood of the t-shirt. You can either keep it simple with just a few colors or make a splash of energy with the most trending colors. You can also go all out and make every letter a different color!

•    Warped Text

Warped text is yet another example of how a distorted text can stand out on your plain t-shirt. Warping brings you endless design possibilities. You can include everything from way back in the ‘70s and retro to today’s sci-fi design themes.

•    Clean and Simple Text

You can make a statement with your designs using a sharp and clear typeface. It ensures readability, the message is loud and clear, and it grabs people’s attention too. Offer this for the customers looking for awareness and advocacy shirts and get their message across to anyone who sees it.

•    Arched Text

Arched text can take your designs from ordinary to extraordinary whether you apply it as a full circle, partial-circle, curved effect to the text in your designs, and so on. Arched text design is an easy way to enhance and ensure the quality of your shirt’s design.

11. LED T-shirts

LED T-shirts top the list of t-shirts growing in popularity. It is soon going to be the generation’s most popular choice. The illuminating LED patterns steal the show! It has the potential to revolutionize t-shirts in unimaginable ways.

12. Illustrative Figures

Nowadays, digital drawings are becoming increasingly popular. Numerous illustrative portraits have become a go-to design idea. They bring a perfect blend of playfulness and personalization to the t-shirts. Your customers can choose to style this as abstract or as realistic, however, they like.

13. Animal Portraits

Animal portraits continue to be a popular design choice for trending custom apparel. This theme covers all the customers from animal rescuers, animal lovers, wildlife organizations, famous pet celebrities, NGOs, and more. This design trend provides a whole lot of versatility.

14. Hand-Sketched Designs

Hand-sketched designs hold a whole other importance in terms of the customer base. The textured and pencil-like drawings seem like a significant design trend for the present and the future. This detailed line work allows you to highlight crisp details and provides you with a room full of imagination.

So, this was all about the latest t-shirt design trends and ideas. As the screen-printing technology is advancing, we see more and more evident changes. We believe that it will continue to be the best print method to grow your business with custom products for ages.

We believe that the above-mentioned t-shirt design trends are going to soar to new heights. What do you think? You can check our blog at our knowledge station or directly contact our experts for any other questions related to t-shirt design tool magento, product designer tools, and product designing equipment.