Here's Why You Should Buy Walnut Oil As Your Beauty Care Ingredient
Here's Why You Should Buy Walnut Oil As Your Beauty Care Ingredient
Applying walnut oil on the face can help reduce ageing signs. It is beneficial in reducing wrinkles, promoting skin health, healing wounds faster, and minister acne and other skin problems.

Different people have different and unique experiences using walnuts as a beauty ingredient. Some people think that using a walnut-infused scrub thrice a week can make their skin look so young and beautiful. But sometimes, the gritty, sharp-edged, and harsh particles of walnuts can cause more damage to your skin rather than make it prettier. So, here comes a question- Is this ingredient good for the skin or not? Or did we all just use it in the wrong way? Walnut scrubs can do more damage to your skin than make it beautiful. Now is the time to replace the walnut scrub with walnut oil because of its numerous benefits. You can also use the best anti ageing cream infused with walnut extracts. In this article by Shahnaz Husain, you will read some of the extraordinary benefits of walnut oil. 

History of the walnut oil

Walnuts have remained an excellent ingredient in many beauty products for a while now. However, it was not incorporated correctly and thus causes side effects for many people. The best way to include walnut in your skincare regime is to use it in a lubricant form, i.e., walnut oil. Nowadays, this oil is becoming a skincare hero. It is infused in many skin care products and pimple creams. Walnut oil has been trendy among the locals of the hilly areas for ages, but in the Indian Beauty Space, it is the latest concept. The most amazing fact about this oil is that it is not a refined one. It is extracted from the walnuts by a cold-pressed method.

Benefits of the walnut oil

Walnut oil is obtained by pressing walnuts (or Juglans regia). It is considered a powerhouse of nourishment and moisture. It also contains Vitamin E and fatty acids. Walnut oil is an excellent ingredient for relieving skin problems like dullness, dryness, irritation, etc. It makes the skin soft and supple. The best anti ageing cream on the market is also infused with this oil for maximum benefits. Walnut oil helps in reducing skin inflammation, delays ageing signs, and controls face wrinkles. The walnuts are naturally filled with magnesium, antioxidants, vitamin E, and omega 3. Not only on the skin, but walnut oil can also do wonders to your hair. It works efficiently on scaly and itchy scalps and cures dandruff problems.

Advantages of using walnut oil on your skin and hair.

  • Excellent remedy for infections 

It helps in fighting fungal infections. 


  • Helps in ministering Psoriasis


Walnut oil cures the most persistent skin problem called psoriasis. You can either apply it topically or add it to your bath.


  • Highly beneficial to the hair


It helps in fighting the hair loss problem as it has Omega-3 fatty acids, which help in preventing cell damage. It also cures dandruff problems and keeps your scalp clean by removing all types of dirt. Walnut oil also promotes hair growth.




The article depicts so many unique and powerful benefits of walnut oil on your skin and hair. It aids all skin-related fungal infections and works wonders on scaly and itchy scalps. Shahnaz Husain recommends incorporating walnut oil in your daily beauty care products, such as pimple cream, anti-ageing cream, night cream, etc.