Free Christmas Apps forAndroid & iOS
Free Christmas Apps forAndroid & iOS
Christmas apps can help you from finding gifts to excellent ideas to decorate your home. Here, we listed some of the free Christmas apps forAndroid and iOS it will help to decorate your place.

Best Christmas Apps for Android and iOS

Santa Video Call App

This Call Santa app is not just a gathering of simply recorded videos but a dynamic simulated call. You can feed the list of your kid's information like name, age, the month of birth, their favorite color, fruit, vegetable, sport, recent life events, and the app will make a video call message with all this information to make a special message for your kids. You can give a custom message to the kids if they have been naughty or nice and tips to be good, etc.

Christmas Radio

Christmas season without any wonderful Christmas songs won’t be fun at all! One of the best Christmas apps on our list is Christmas Radio. With over 80 unique positions, you can listen to toa wide variety of Christmas songs all through the holiday season. Music stations like Christmas Lounge and Christmas Country are some of the most extremely popular these days. Moreover, there’s also North Pole Radio, which broadcasts directly from the North Pole. This app is free for Android and iOS devices.

Letters to Santa Claus

The mobile app meant to serve the chlidren in particular, and let them write as many letters as they want to Santa Claus. The free iOS Christmas app leads the reply back to your children as soon as they open the app for the next time. The app involves the operators in the application with exciting offerings. 

Christmas Dinner Recipes

Having a great meal with your loved ones is a perfect way of celebrating Christmas Eve. If you’re looking for a list of great recipes, then try Christmas Dinner Recipes, a free app for Android users.

This app offers many Christmas recipes that you can try on Christmas Eve. You can try cooking a turkey with roasted potatoes or bake some Christmas pudding. The app has everything you need from ingredients to procedures that you can use to create delicious Christmas meals.

A call from Santa

If your children are tech-savvy, they’ll love A call from Santa! Because the app says, you’ll be able to call Santa, get video messages, record a list, and listen to what Santa is doing. This app includes a Santa Chatbot that chats with you, rather like you’re talking with the important Santa. You’ll be able to request a decision from Santa, and let your kids record a voice message for Santa. This app is free, tho’ you’ll be able to pay to unlock additional choices to raise alter the messages for your kid.

Christmas PictureEffects

Capturing happy moments throughout the Christmas vacation is vital to everybody. With Christmas Picture Effects, you’ll be able to add decoration sand themes to form your Photos additional pleasing.

Christmas Picture Effects encompasses a big range of frames, filters, and effects which will rework the appearance of your photos. You’ll be able to style pictures to your preference. Additionally, the app permits you to share the improved photos to social media channels like Instagram and Facebook.


Giftster is most helpful if you’re organizing lists for a team of individuals like families, friends, or offices. You’ll be able to write your lists for those you’re shopping for otherwiseyou can get them to affix. Giftster, thus you can see what they need and exit with one click. There’s a Secret Santa feature that creates gift exchanges straightforward. 

Elf Yourself by Office Depot 

This app is the Best Christmas App Android/iPhone 2019 and it is the funniest app. In this app, you can replace the Elffaces with the faces of up to five people of you and your family member. After you set the faces, now you can select a dance theme, and then this app will create a comical dance video. After all this finishes, you can now share your video on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Christmas Sweeper 3

This app is just similar to candy crush and this game comes with1000 challenging levels. In this app, you can play as much you like and there are no lives to lose. Here you need to make matches of four or five in order to create bombs and power-ups. This mobile app will reward you of cookies and soda which will make you busy for a long time after Christmas.

Christmas Wallpaper App

Wallpaper Apps has been a very profitable app idea that has been earning a lot in app stores. When it comes to Christmas, people are more joyful and ready to spend on an awesome holiday experience. One such app that stands unique from all other apps is this one. It is more than just a collection of many Christmas tree images.

Hidden Object: Christmas Magic App

Christmas is not just for kids so you too can enjoy a Christmas game on your phone. This hidden object game format is a very popular Smartphone game category that is loved by a majority of mobile users around the world.

This special edition is Christmas themed for the inner child in you who still loves this holiday dearly. But beware, this game is tough to crack and only a true Christmas head will be able to clear all the levels. There are three modes in which you can play: Casual Mode, Normal Mode, and ChallengeMode. 

A Charlie Brown Christmas 

One of the best Christmas apps especially for kids in which Charlie Brown and his friends find the meaning of Christmas. This app transforms the classic story into animations that bring illustrations and reminds your childhood. You can play the piano, fingerpaint with the gang and decorate your own Charlie Brown Christmas with optimized music. An entertaining app for kids and a relaxing app for adults to bring joy to the happy Christmas.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree app is a fun way to celebrate the holiday. Children can snap and drag the kinds of stuff, ribbons, and gifts to decorate a Christmas tree. Children can plan and place more than a few plants in their section along with dissimilar shocks and gift boxes. Lastly, they can call their part and try to think of what they place in each box. Step it in the perfect location with your beloved photo.

 The Last Word

It was all about the ten best free Christmas apps for your iOS &Android devices. However, the list of such applications is a huge one, but we have compiled the names of the most used free Christmas apps that have huge downloads. As these applications are available free of cost, you can add these to your list to make your Christmas celebrations more meaningful.


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