Premium hot tubs with energy-efficient accessories
Premium hot tubs with energy-efficient accessories
Are you looking for a premium hot tub with energy-efficient accessories? You've come to the right place because the Wellis Life models introduced by Wellis in 2022 represent exactly this line.

This innovative concept includes numerous advancements that can reduce your expenses and contribute to environmental protection. What kind of premium jacuzzi can you find in the Wellis range?

A premium hot tub operating in an eco-friendly manner!

When we think of a premium hot tub, we often associate it with luxury, continuous operation, and high costs. Fortunately, the Wellis Life models do just the opposite, as they operate with lower energy consumption, thereby reducing household expenses while providing the same wellness experience as their more expensive and higher energy-consuming counterparts. Thanks to this, you can enrich your home with a premium hot tub that is modern, trendy, and extremely energy-efficient!

What are the characteristics of a premium hot tub?

A premium hot tub that operates in an energy-efficient manner has numerous positive features. The Wellis Life models include the following innovations that contribute to cost-effective operation:

  • The Smart-In Step smart step equipped with a built-in heat pump, which can heat or cool between -5°C and +40°C, saving 70-75% of heating energy.
  • The new WOW water diverter system, providing 23% more performance and about 30% less energy consumption.
  • The In-Line WIS system, providing 24-hour supervision by monitoring the pool water quality.
  • The OZMIX™ system, which has proven to be the most effective in disinfection by adding chlorine and the appropriate amount of pH regulator.

What other accessories have we equipped the Wellis hot tubs with?

If you choose one of the Wellis Life models for your home, in addition to the premium features listed above, you will receive numerous other useful and visually stunning accessories together with your newly acquired hot tub. This includes, for example, the illuminated side panel, which uses an LED strip to make your pool unique. The Infinity jet nozzle is a great addition, making the massage experience even more enjoyable by massaging a larger area of the body. It doesn't just move up and down but describes an infinite figure-eight shape while spinning. This allows it to massage a larger area of the body and reach more critical points.

The new illuminated waterfall and the flat cascade are part of the visual elements. The color therapy waterfall is designed based on a renewed concept, creating a real waterfall effect, and the flat cascades also function perfectly as illuminated cup holders. And if you want to add even more color to the night, illuminated jets have also been installed in the new Wellis Life hot tubs, which have been uniquely integrated only into these models.

The exclusive color therapy lighting built into the premium jacuzzi sidewall just below the water level is perfectly suitable for enhancing the atmosphere. Depending on the type of hot tub, it consists of 10-20 LEDs, which harmonize with the central underwater color therapy lighting installed in the hot tub.

Feeling inspired to purchase a premium hot tub from the Wellis range? Don't hesitate to contact our sales representatives either online or at one of our showrooms! They will gladly assist you in choosing the perfect model that you can use in an energy-efficient manner 365 days a year. Explore the world of Wellis hot tubs and let every day be filled with relaxation!