Medical seeds for sale- The buyer’s guide to choosing medical cannabis strains
Medical seeds for sale- The buyer’s guide to choosing medical cannabis strains
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For decades, people around the world have depicted cannabis as a dangerous drug because of its many harmful effects on the human body. However, what many people do not know about cannabis is that there are actually several distinct strains of cannabis that time and again, through many studies and research, have proved their potential to help with a variety of medical conditions, including anxiety, chronic pain, and epilepsy. It has been evident that choosing the perfect genetics can make all the difference for medicinal and recreational uses.


When looking for the best medical seeds for sale, you need to look at a reputable online seed bank that not only has thousands of different strains ready, but also provides growers with the seeds they need to get started growing cannabis. But the main question is, with so many different strains to choose from, how can you find the best medical cannabis strain for your symptoms? To help you make an effortless selection of cannabis strains, here are some things that you need to consider.



Smell and Flavor



Each plant from the marijuana seed has a unique smell and flavor. Every strain is distinguished by its carefully cultivated flavor. Maybe you prefer deep, rich danky indicas to give your body full highs and euphoria. Or maybe, you’re in the mood to try sweet and fruity Sativa so you can focus your mind on the task at hand. No matter what your needs are, there is a wide range of cannabis strains available to fulfill your needs. A study by a group of scientists revealed that the uniqueness in smell, taste and medicinal properties of cannabis is the result of the combination of two organic elements present in marijuana: flavonoids and terpenes. So pick the one that best serves your needs.

 CBD Percentage


The CBD content is one of those chemicals in the cannabis plant that can give you different experiences. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the CBD percentage of each strain if you want the medical benefits of cannabis without the high. A strain with a higher content of CBD is the perfect selection for medical use purposes.

 THC Percentage


In general, the psychoactive content in a strain is determined by the amount of THC content present in it. For many people, the psychoactive sensation is pleasurable, while for others, it is anxiety-inducing. For beginners, it is recommended to start with a lower THC level strain and work their way up as they become more comfortable with the effects.

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Reasons to use cannabis for medicine


While every country has different rules regarding the use of medical cannabis, it still remains one of the oldest and most effective medicines to treat various diseases. To prove its effectiveness, many scientific studies have also been conducted. According to the studies, it was revealed that it is helpful in relieving symptoms of various diseases and can even reverse certain conditions, including shrinking tumors.

Whether it is physical or mental, cannabis has proven to be effective for many different conditions. People use cannabis as medicine because it helps in:

·                    Pain relief

·                    Nausea and vomiting reduction

·                    Stimulation of appetite

·                    Reduction of inflammation

·                    Anxiety and stress relief

·                    Seizure reduction

·                    Muscle spasm relief

·                    PTSD symptom relief

·                    Cancer treatment

·                    Depression and mood disorders

·                    Autoimmune diseases

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Germination is the beginning of your cannabis seeds’ life, and therefore it is crucial to know the proper technique for germinating weed seeds so that you get the most value for your purchase and eliminate the possible damaging outcomes caused by various factors such as temperature changes, insects, etc. There are several stages of cannabis growing, which you need to be very mindful in order to ensure that your medical seeds has the best quality.


Check out some of the techniques for germinating the cannabis seeds:

·                    Soak: Before planting, ensure to soak the seeds for a few hours in a glass of water. This is one of the best ways to germinate the seeds effectively as it provides more moisture to the seed, thereby helping in quicker growth.

·                    Plant in soil: Soil is the most natural method for germinating cannabis seeds, especially when it is grown outside. When planting the seeds in the soil, remember to keep the soil moist until the seeds entirely germinate.

·                    Paper towel: Wrap the cannabis seeds on a paper towel and put them inside a plastic container or between two plates. Spray warm water on the paper towel and cover it with a


lid or plate. Ensure that the container remains dark, warm and humid all the time. Place the container in a warm place and leave it there until the seeds germinate.

·                    Rockwool: This is a popular method for hydroponic farming because of its ability to hold a tremendous amount of water for its size. In a bowl of water, soak the seeds, and place them on a piece of damp Rockwool. Remember to keep the seeds in a warm place until they germinate.


There are actually a lot of germinating techniques apart from the ones mentioned above. You can talk to any experienced cultivator to try some of the used techniques or try some of these above- mentioned ideas. But you can also buy the Cannapot Seedcracker, this is a magic tool for the germination of every seed, recommended for fresh and also for old cannabis-seeds.



Once your seed has germinated, it’s now time to move the seed from its germinating technique to a growing medium. The seedling growth stage is fragile, and therefore, particular care is necessary at this stage. You need to transfer the seeds to a small growing medium from whatever medium you have used during the germination stage. During this time, seedlings are focusing their energy on growing roots and foliage. So, you must ensure not to overfeed or overwater them while providing as much light as possible. If growing outdoors, the plant should be moved to a spot where it can get direct sunlight. Good quality seeds usually grow thick and are short in height.



In this stage, you need to transfer the cannabis plants into a big pot for more growth. The roots and foliage grow rapidly during this stage, demanding more food and light. Don't be surprised if your plants grow up to two inches (5 cm) in a single day. This is the stage where plants focus more on growing plenty of leaves to take up enough sunlight in order to create the necessary energy to produce large flowers. Depending on the variety, the vegetative stage can last anywhere from 3 to 16 weeks.



Considered as the final stage for the growth of a cannabis plant, the flowering stage is the time when your plant will stop putting as much energy into leaf growth and start to develop resinous buds, which are used for medicinal and recreational purposes. The cannabis plant in this stage requires 12 hours of light and 12 hours of complete darkness. You can get an idea of how your cannabis plants are doing by monitoring the size, shape, and color of the leaves. Depending on the strain you are growing, the plants will be ready to harvest in 6 to 10 weeks after they started to bloom.



When the flowers of your cannabis plant become compact and 70% or more of the pistils change from white to orange/reddish-brown, you should know the buds are ready for harvest. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your cannabis plant mature enough for harvesting.


Remember that timing plays a crucial role when it comes to harvesting your buds, as it can either make or break your yield. Waiting for a long time will make the buds dry and brittle and will not smoke well. Similarly, harvesting too early before the buds reach their full potential will not give you the high as you would have expected it. As per expert recommendations, start harvesting the plant when 70-90% of the pistils have browned.



To Conclude

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