In Your Eyes ezine | Magazine - iyezine
In Your Eyes ezine | Magazine - iyezine
In Your Eyes ezine | Magazine - iyezine
If you are looking for a magazine then you are right place.
Let's move a little on the structure of the online magazine and what space does it cover on social networks?
- On a personal level, I would have been out of the social universe for years, I don't give a damn to know if the score Carmela went jogging, just to make you understand. 
I tell you that in the beginning, Fb brought a lot of traffic to our site; currently, according to the latest news reports, its contribution reaches about 20% of the total, and the rest comes from google (thanks to the excellent indexing, and here my modesty is canceled) or from direct users. At the moment we use three major social networks: Fb, Instagram, and Twitter.

About US:

In Your Eyes was born in 1999, after various experiences on paper fanzines. It was born and continues to develop in the idea of being able to lend a hand to bands, writers, or anyone who wants to express themselves in any form.
In Your Eyes is totally disconnected from editorial logic and dynamics: our collaborators also deal with the graphic aspect and its diffusion online, in full DIY spirit.

In Your Eyes is linked to concepts of self-production and absolute independence.
In Your Eyes has the sole purpose of spreading one's passion and satisfying our communicative need
In Your Eyes does not review everything it receives, it is at its discretion to publish the contents online
In Your Eyes has no rules or dogmas to follow, we express our point of view.
This positivity feeds the engine that generates its continuous transformation, with philosophical prudence of time and means.
In Your Eyes ezine collects a significant experience filtering into everyday life; her attitude is not aimed merely at narrating, but in her own heart to create, to do, to exercise the mind and the critical spirit in the sacrosanct Do It Yourself perspective. Congratulations to Simone and the valiant staff of collaborators, who through their work are absolutely rewarded for the faithful dedication and attention shown by the numerous fans, allowing all-round, again, to be able to give meaning to the word freedom.
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