Here’s What No One Tells You about Mobile App Marketing Trends
Here’s What No One Tells You about Mobile App Marketing Trends
In addition, the quality streams and downloads attempted to fulfil a requirement for a shared experience.

Similar to every other industry, mobile app marketing was actually transformed by the 2020 unfortunate outbreak of COVID-19. Moreover, the routine trips to the bank or grocery store were instantly replaced by apps. In addition, the quality streams and downloads attempted to fulfil a requirement for a shared experience. Even digital devices facilitated most human connections. The globe became more online than ever before, and mobile app marketers had to immensely adapt and actively innovate accordingly.

Here are the new normal mobile marketing trends that will continue into 2021

The Social features in mobile apps

During 2020, people were actually forced to stay at home and thus socialize more online. Moreover, to social media, the social features in other apps have not become less popular in 2020 and would continue to be so in 2021.

For instance, the apt features of social media platforms, respectively as chats and activity feeds become more familiar among mobile apps. More importantly, having an in-app community is highly proven to have a positive impact on user engagement. Primarily when players unite in clans, guilds, leagues, etc., more so and/or compete against each other; this adeptly motivates them to come back to the game every day.

Primarily the fitness apps are also getting merits from incorporating social features namely where the users can view the results and progress of other users and are immensely motivated by those results. For instance, the Fitbit app has the Community tab where users post their updates on social media and share details about various Fitbit activities namely as unlocked badges. The friends could comment on each other’s posts and adeptly encourage each other for instant communication.

Popular Mobile gaming

It is noted that mobile games as rapidly becoming one of the most familiar mobile app categories in 2020 and 2021. During this time period, due to isolation caused by the coronavirus outbreak, global people are searching for novel ways of entertainment. In addition, the number of active mobile game players is rapidly growing. As reported the consumers could spend more than $120 billion on mobile games in 2021.

According to several studies conducted the most familiar game genres for 2020:

It is seen that the most familiar genre is casual games (59%). The sub-genre of casual games is kind of hyper-casual games. These games do not need user input and utilize simplified game mechanics. They strongly focus on minimalistic but with crisp imagery and cartoonish art style.

More precisely the difference between the hyper-casual and casual games is the number of purchases made actually through the app. The casual expects to earn the most of the relevant income from in-app purchases, while hyper-casual considerably earns from ads.

The Rapid Changes introduced by IOS 14 launch and IDFA

This advanced trend is not directly related to the baleful pandemic but it has also strongly impacted the globe of mobile apps for the iOS platform. The release of iOS 14 introduced the new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework, which is strongly supposed to eliminate the IDFA – Identity for Advertisers.

IDFA is a good way to anonymously identify iOS users. It immensely acts like cookies on websites, primarily collecting details about the user’s interactions with ad campaigns, installs, and in-app activities. More with iOS 14, all Apple devices will be adeptly enabled to limit the automatic ad tracking by default, so mobile advertisers should receive the user’s consent before they could read the IDFA.

The advance of marketing automation

It is enumerated that Marketing automation generally refers to using software that could automate marketing actions or tasks, strongly optimize marketing workflows, and qualitatively measure the results of marketing campaigns. The key goal of marketing automation is to duly deliver good content to the right person at the right time so that the person takes the apt action that the prospective marketers want.

According to statistics the buyers with automated communication actually spend 47% more on their purchases, while the cost of their relevant acquisition is reduced by 33%. Moreover, 73% of marketers report higher productivity and time savings as the most vital benefits of automation.

Marketing automation permits you to:

  • Actively increase the efficiency of processes in comparison with said manual work,
  • It automates repetitive tasks,
  • It makes the targeting of consumers and potential customers more precise,
  • Ameliorate the overall customer experience,
  • Considerably avoid human error in campaigns and analysis,
  • Begin new processes that would be impossible to start manually.

In 2021, marketing automation will still belong to the most familiar mobile marketing trends. It is because the marketers will require adapting to the new normal and actively inventing new processes strongly aimed at reaching a wider audience.

Invent of Mobile advertising

Though the number of users of mobile apps has rapidly increased during the pandemic, which generally means that organic search traffic has also certainly increased; mobile advertising is not actually losing ground. As per studies, mobile ad spends would reach $290 billion in 2021, immensely boosting the growth of the advertising industry. Moreover, advertising engagement has immensely grown by 15% in a few months. Thereby, advertising both inside the apps and in-app stores still remains strongly effective.

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