Real estate sector: activities and professional advice
Real estate sector: activities and professional advice
The Masters Real Estate has been one of the most enticing options on the planet of real estate. We are the official sales partner of Lahore Smart City and Capital Smart City. Our prestigious forum provides the potential solution of all your ambiguities regarding the purchasing of shops, lands, and houses.

Real Estate Valuation 

This is a service most often free and offered by real estate agencies. The valuation of a property is essential when you want to sell. Indeed, it is very difficult to determine the value of your home on your own.

Errors in assessment are frequent and sometimes delay the sale. The majority of owners find it difficult to have an objective view and tend to overestimate their home.

It is important to have your home appraised by a professional. Indeed, the evaluation of the right price goes through many criteria.

It's easier to sell based on accurate data. The real estate market is complex and the sector is always in flux.

Have your apartment appraised with your local City real estate agency. You will benefit from a free real estate estimate. Because Lahore Smart City is a approved society and 2nd Smart City.

Real Estate Expertise

This service is mandatory in certain cases:

  1. Estate;
  2. Divorce;
  3. Request for a bridging loan;
  4. Tax audit ;
  5. Donation;
  6. Declaration of Wealth Tax (ISF);
  7. Valuation of your assets.

The real estate expertise must be carried out by a real estate expert. You can therefore call on a notary or a duly trained real estate agent. He will carry out an in-depth assessment and will give you a complete file.

The real estate sector at the heart of many transactions.

What are the real estate jobs? We invite you to discover them.

Real Estate Agent

The profession of real estate agent makes it possible to support owners and buyers in many operations. If you want to sell your house after a free property valuation, you can sign a sales mandate . From then on, you entrust the sale to your agent.

There is a simple mandate or an exclusive mandate. In the case of the latter, exclusivity is reserved for a single real estate agency. In addition, you will not have the right to offer a direct sale.

What will the agent do? He goes:

Give visibility to your property : real estate advertisements, signs, display of advertisements for sale in agencies, publication of the property online;

  1. Manage requests from potential buyers and visits;
  2. Receive purchase offers and send them to you;
  3. Follow the file until the conclusion of the sale.

Real estate sales do not only concern homes, but also land. A local real estate agency can therefore also take charge of the sale of your building plot. Of course, it also manages the rental of properties, and ensures their rental management.

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Condominium manager

If you become a co-owner, you must find a co-ownership manager. This professional manages the entire residence concerned from many points of view. This requires enforcing the regulations of the latter and being the privileged interlocutor for everyone. This professional takes care of small administrative details such as insurance and building security.

Rental manager

Does your request concern the rental and rental management of an old or new building? Then, a rental management contract will entrust the search for tenants.

Your rental manager will also have to monitor the payment of rents and any unpaid bills.To sell or rent your property, do not hesitate to contact a local real estate agency Citya Immobilier. 

Real estate developer 

The property developer operates in the field of construction. Its mission is to sell real estate projects to be built or already built. While they may be individual dwellings, these projects are often subdivisions or large buildings.

The operations are varied. The promoter is looking for building land, so it is not uncommon for him to approach owners to find new ones.

Learn about the real estate market 

If you are looking to buy a property or sell it, you need to know some information about the real estate market. The price of real estate is a data that fluctuates. Its evolution is not always predictable.

With an online real estate simulation, you can consult the price per square meter in a given location. The site of the notaries of France is an interesting database. However, this one is far from giving you a real estate estimate!

Indeed, it depends on many criteria. Knowing the price of real estate per square meter in a location is just a first step. As a potential buyer, you can start thinking about your budget. If your price is above the market, you will need to be a good trader.

As a seller, you can find out the price range in which your property is located. It is counterproductive to overestimate a property! Real estate advertisements also make it possible to scrutinize real estate trends.

From a commercial point of view, the price varies according to supply and demand. Depending on the year or month, the market can be tighter. On the contrary, if the transactions are numerous and there are few negotiations on the selling price of real estate , the market is doing well. 

Each situation is different depending on the region and the project. This is why we recommend that you contact an agency like The Masters Real Estate Request a real estate estimate online using our form.